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The three main components of the cardiovascular system are the heart, blood, and blood vessels. Join this community to learn, share, and discuss circulatory health by connecting with peers, health professionals, and physicians.

[Dietitian's Dish] 7 Ingredients That Will Help You Live Longer!

I think we're all pretty familiar with the foods we should NOT eat, but what about the foods you SHOULD be eating? Here are 7… Read More ▶

Are Calcium Supplements Harmful?

For years now, doctors have been recommending adequate dietary calcium, but, recently, research has revealed potential harms from calcium supplementation. Read More ▶

National Wear Red Day

Have you already noticed the pink, purple, and red hearts decorating stores and schools? Well, not only is this a time to celebrate our symbolic… Read More ▶

5 Foods for a Healthy Heart

A balanced diet can help us to lower our blood cholesterol, blood sugar, and even blood pressure all while helping us to achieve a healthy… Read More ▶

5 Steps to Lowering Heart Attack Risk

According to the Mayo Clinic, heart disease can be prevented by following a heart-healthy lifestyle. The following five steps can help lower your risk of… Read More ▶

Blood Clots and Exercise

Exercise is an effective means of preventing blood clots and a good way to recover from them. Read More ▶

Taking Vitamin C May Prevent Cardiovascular Disease In Women

Cardiovascular disease is a culmination of heart diseases that affect 60 million Americans 1 . Cardiovascular disease includes the most common kind of heart disease… Read More ▶

4 Selenium Benefits That May Surprise You

Selenium is much more common a nutrient than it may seem, usually being found in meats, nuts, and some dairy products. Read More ▶

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