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What Causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

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Although several case studies and research has been conducted, chronic fatigue syndrome continues to puzzle doctors and scientists alike.Despite work surrounding the ailment, no one is sure what the cause of this disease is. Multiple theories abound, but no one primary factor has been found that links the cases of CFS together. More and more doctors are beginning to offer the same viewpoint; that CFS is a widely encompassing syndrome in the same way there are several types of cancers, for example.Below, some theories are listed that are considered sub-category diseases to CFS.

CFS sub-categories

Post-Viral CFS. Some experts estimate roughly 70% of CFS patients are healthy until they experience some time of illness which weakens the immune system.The illness damages the immune system which doesn't fully recover, leading to CFS and all symptoms that come along with it. Post-ADD CFS. Young people who have previously suffered from attention deficit disorder as children are more prone to developing CFS.Experts are not sure what causes this flip from hyperactivity to extreme fatigue. Neurological CFS. Those who experience symptoms including memory loss, trouble concentrating or remembering things are grouped in the neurological sub group of CFS.This groups symptoms are the most severe of all those suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome.Seizure like episodes may occur in these patients as well as trouble sleeping and sensitivity to light and sound. Immune disorders. Any abnormalities with the immune system can lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.If immune disorders are affecting someone, they can render that person unable to fight viruses associated with this illness.The body will actually attack healthy tissues mistaking them for infected ones, leaving the body and system even weaker.

Different Treatments for Different Causes

There are several treatments available to alleviate symptoms and lessen the damaging effects.Unfortunately since doctors still cannot pin point the exact cause no matter what group they categorize the CFS patient, there are no sure fire methods of ridding yourself of the condition through traditional medicine.Different stages of the disease may also affect which sub group you would be categorized in. Several experts believe genetics, brain abnormalities and emotional state have a lot to do with:

  1. Whether or not a patient will develop CFS and
  2. How their body will deal and fight the disease.

CFS Medications: The Dangerous Truth

Those suffering with chronic fatigue syndrome will do almost anything to relieve their symptoms and the damaging havoc it is wreaking on their lives.Sadly, many of these patients turn to prescription medications, which often do more damage than help in the long run. Since the one thing on common with all of these sub groups is a weakened immune function, it should be the first line of defense against CFS to maximize your immune system.This will ensure that your body has the capability of fighting of the virus to the best of its ability.When the immune system is at its potential, you will have a better chance of fighting and keeping this disease at bay.

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