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Infection and Inflammation, and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

There are thousands of individuals in the United States that currently suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. It is most commonly diagnosed in middle aged female adults. While theories exist about the causes, risk factors, and treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, the condition itself remains mysterious. One thing is known; chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition of unknown origins. One cause of chronic fatigue syndrome that is currently being researched is the presence of underlying infection, causing inflammation.


A mammalian infection is defined as the colonization of a host organism by a pathogenic agent. This pathogenic agent, a foreign substance, is typically microscopic. It interferes with the normal functioning patterns of the host. The organism responsible for infection utilizes host cell resources as its own for the process of replication. The multiplication of the infecting organism can be detrimental to overall host cell health.


The host response to the infection is inflammation. Inflammation is the biological response to infection and is used for damage control and elimination of the infection. The area of infection becomes inflamed due to the relocation of plasma and leukocytes to the infected area. Inflammation is stimulated by foreign agents; pathogens, irritations, cellular damages. Inflammation is also responsible for the stimulation of the healing process.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Infection and Inflammation Connection

Chronic fatigue syndrome still remains of unknown etiology. There exists a strong correlation between infection and the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. Various infectious agents have been associated with increased incidence rates of chronic fatigue syndrome. The exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome has yet to be identified. It is still debated as to whether chronic fatigue syndrome is caused by infectious agents or if the infection is cause development of chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Mystery

Chronic fatigue syndrome has no specific route for diagnosis. This is due to the fact that the exact causes of chronic fatigue syndrome have yet to be identified. There are risk factors and general patterns that have been associated with increased prevalence of chronic fatigue syndrome. However, risk factors and correlations are all that exist for the identification and diagnosis. Currently, the condition of chronic fatigue syndrome is highly variable and it is expected that the causes are also variable. More scientific research is necessary for the evaluation of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: An Overview

As the exact causes of chronic fatigue syndrome have not been identified, prevention methods are basically non-existent. Obtaining an education on chronic fatigue syndrome and learning about the signs and symptoms for early detection is possible. Specific treatment methods have been identified, but are not always effective. There is a strong correlation between quality of life and the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. The higher an individual rates their quality of life, the lower the rate of development of chronic fatigue syndrome. There exist herbal and natural methods associated with an overall decrease in symptoms.


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