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Home Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Join a CFS Support Group

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Living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be easier if you join a support group.Many CFS patients find it therapeutic to be in the company of other CFS patients, and you may even find an exercise partner.It is important that you select the right group for you so it doesn't end up just being another stressor.

Benefits of a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group

Some people may be too shy or feel that support groups are just a pity party.However, research shows that people who attend support groups may feel less depressed and live longer.It is thought that the social support of the group may boost its members" immune system by relieving stress and anxiety.You also will learn more about your affliction and may find the support of others to be encouraging and healing.

How to find the right Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Group

Support groups should be free or nearly free if dues are needed to pay for operating costs.Look for a support group that:

  • Has both new and veteran CFS patients for a wide variety of perspectives
  • Has a solid history of providing good support for its members
  • Is filled with people who makeyou feel comfortable
  • Is led by people who empathize, encourage discussion, and provide good information.


Stay away from groups who charge high fees or require patients to purchase their product.If the support session is dominated by negativity or if it gives off a cult-like vibe, it may not have your best interest at heart.Don't reveal any personal information that makes you uncomfortable.Seek out another local group, or if necessary, go online.

Internet Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Support Groups

The internet is a rich format to find support for your CFS; online forums, bulletin boards, and lists are geared toward people living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who will be able to provide information, support, and community.Internet communities may be the option for you because location is not a hindrance; you are instantly connected to other CFS patients around the world.You can even find local support groups by searching lists available on the internet.

Start Searching

Experiment with online forums and local support groups.You may find you like the anonymity of the internet, or you may discover that local human contact is your best fight against CFS.


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