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Home Treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Adjust Your Schedule

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Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can maximize the function of their days by adjusting their schedule.

Track Your Day

To do this, try keeping a log book for a week or more and note the times of day when you have energy and when you are tired. Be sure to also log each activity every day and consider noting anything else that may be contributing to your CFS, like headaches.

Evaluate Your Day

After time elapses, step back and evaluate what you see; if you notice patterns, consider altering your lifestyle to accommodate them.Try to rearrange work or school to fit in times where you have more energy. It is important to regard rest as a legitimate activity, so plan time to rest, relax, or meditate when you notice you are tired. Avoid situations that you know will make you physically or psychologically stressed.

Working with the Weather

Those with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often describe themselves as a "human barometer," that means they find their energy levels drop when a low-pressure front moves in.It may be helpful for you to schedule more periods of rest during cloudy or stormy weather, and be aware if you are working and active during these times that your energy may deplete.

Work, Play and Travel

It may be helpful to communicate with your employer if you cannot make it through your traditional workday; or consider seeking a career that will allow you to work from your home. When planning for your activities, remember to plan for travel time.For a long distance trip, you may want to plan extra days for travel and rest.Pay attention to how your body feels and always remember to be careful not to overdo it.

Work around the busy shopping times

Even those without CFS can tell you rush hour traffic is stressful-naturally, you should try to avoid roadways during these peak hours.Run errands when your higher energy levels coincide with times when fewer cars are on the road.Apply this strategy to other stressful situations; for example, shop the supermarket during an off-hour, and plan for this during your peak energy periods as well. The internet can be a boon for online shopping when the holiday rush destroys your energy and your Christmas spirit.Small changes like this require only a little innovative thinking and can drastically improve your outlook. Remember not to over exert yourself during times of increased energy.Doing so may cause you to be overtired and you may find yourself even further behind. Of course, a busy lifestyle may seem impossible to rearrange but even a small change can have a larger than expected impact on how you feel.


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