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Ultimately, I think most of us enter adulthood with only "snapshots" of our days as children - eating a pecan spinwheel driving down the road with my dad, playing dress up in the attic with my mom's discarded clothing....

It really is the little things that count!

A few examples:

I have always loved nature - I had a favorite tree on my elementary school playground, a willow tree I would sit underneath and make crowns from it's branches. It's far from the most impressive tree or most scenic place, but it's still one of my favorite spots in the whole world.

I would also make "grasshopper houses" by tying bunches of long grass on the hills at the tops, then hollowing them out and I would something creates a soft bed or even a little pebble pathway to them. I would rescue grasshopper from the boys that would try to smash them or bury them in the gravel.

My comfort food to this day is plain noodles with butter, garlic salt and parmsean cheese - something my babysitter would make for us kids. My favorite lunch - and not a terribly healthy one so we didn't get it often - was plain fryed egg roll wraps.

Now, I am happy to say I'm passing these things on to my own daughter. :)

What special things do YOU remember loving as a kid?

Could be a special treat, a tradition, a toy, an activity or hobby, a place....

Could be something that still exists or something you wish still did.

Have you shared them with YOUR children?

Erin Froehlich asked this
July 28, 2011 at 9:37 AM



One of my favorite movies as a kid was called My Neighbor Totoro

It's directed by Hayao Miyazak and takes place in Japan. It's about two sisters who move to a new place and let their imaginations entertain them. Essentially they imagine up this big, fluffy creature named Totoro and have adventures with him.

I absolutely loved this movie and would watch it over and over again. I don't have any kids yet, BUT I have shared this with my two younger cousins who are 4 and 7. They really like the movie too. I think it's because of how it shows you that you can have fun using your imagination. :)

Here's a link to IMDB if you want more info on this movie:

Bri Luginbill answered
July 28, 2011 at 9:50 AM

We moved around a lot when I was growing up, so the snapshots tended to blur together after a while. One that I will always remember though is the first night we would ever move into a new house, my old man and I would unpack the TV and watch Star Trek together with all the packed up boxes piled up around us.

John answered
August 17, 2011 at 3:05 PM

When I was young I spent summers on my grampa's farm. Smelling new cut hay was incredible. All these years I never understood why but just this week end my grandson and I were walking past a new mowed hay field and the smell immediately took me back 60 years to my grampa's farm.

Beryl answered
September 8, 2011 at 9:01 AM
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