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What are ways I can use less medications with my children?

Smartliving Guest asked this
June 9, 2011 at 3:15 PM



We do not want to teach children that the answer to all their problems is in a pill. Yet sometimes it is necessary for our children to be on medications. Here are a few ways to reduce the chances our our children will need to take medications:

1. DON'T SMOKE. And don’t let anyone else smoke who comes in contact with your children. Secondhand smoke, smoke in the house, car, or even clothing of people who interact with your children increases the chances of colds, bronchitis, asthma, ear infections, and pneumonia.

2. DON'T USE MEDICATIONS TO TREAT THE SYMPTOM OF COLDS AND COUGHS. These medications have never been shown to work very well in children, and time and again they have proven to be dangerous for young kids, and abused by older kids.

3. IF YOUR CHILD HAS ADHD SYMPTOMS - Make sure you see a skilled behavioral counselor. - Parents who have children with ADHD need to be the best parents in the world, because children with ADHD need specialized and consistent discipline strategies.
- The children themselves need to learn organizational skills, and skills to help cope with their ADHD. - Read about, and try an elimination diet. There is growing research that diet plays a huge role in contributing to ADHD symptoms. - Try a natural product like Synaptol before going to stimulant medications.

4. IF YOUR CHILD HAS ASTHMA: - Again, don’t let anyone smoke around your child, in the house, in the car, or have cloths that have been smoked in. - Make sure your child gets regular exercise. Being physically fit can help reduce the dangers of asthma. - If your child has flair ups more than 2 times a week, then it is important that you talk to your doctor about a controller inhaled steroid medication, it is the safest thing to do.

5. AVOID ANTIBIOTICS FOR MINOR UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS. Although sometimes antibiotics are necessary (and even lifesaving) from certain illnesses, antibiotics are way over prescribed. Remember, every time you child takes antibiotics, there is a 20% chance they will develop diarrhea.

6. MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDREN EAT A HEALTHY, WELL-BALANCED DIET. - 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. - 1 serving = the size of their fist. - Avoid juices and sugary drinks. - Get the snacks, junk food, chips, out of the house. - 1/2, ¼, ¼, rule: - ½ of what they eat should be fruits and vegetables - ¼ of what they eat should be protein (meats, nuts, beans) - ¼ of what they eat should be everything else, focusing on whole grains-

I would not trust someone who claims to be a medical expert, but seems to constantly push drugs, and I would not trust someone who claims to be a medical expert and claims all medications are bad. If your child is on a medication, it is always best that you talk to your child’s doctor about what is the safest and healthiest choice, before stopping the medication.

Remember, the ultimate goal is that your child is safe and healthy; sometimes the safest and healthiest thing to do is to be on medications other times, it’s not.

Stay Healthy, Dr. Jeff

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD Health Coach answered
June 9, 2011 at 4:09 PM

What should be used to treat colds and coughs?

Beryl answered
August 30, 2011 at 1:28 PM
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