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Good News / Bad News — an article on the Smart Living Network
August 12, 2011 at 8:32 AMComments: 4 Faves: 0

Good News / Bad News


I took my son to see a speech pathologist for an assessment the other day. I think that I was more nervous than he was to go. I was afraid that he would have this major label branded on him like high risk autistic or on the autistic spectrum or something like that. I knew he wasn't talking as much as other 3 year olds, but I was not sure how I would take hearing news like that. I'm sure many parents would feel that way at first.

After about 45 minutes of, "what's this", "point to the___", "give me the____" and "where is the ____", not to mention the puzzles and blocks and what ever else they pulled out, it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. They told me that since he has had multiple ear infections as a baby and has had tubes in ears, he really lost about a year of speech development. His articulation is great, they understood everything that he does say, but because he had some babbling in between, they said he has to get a little help to catch up. GREAT!

Then comes the bad new...speech therapy and..PRESCHOOL! I don't mean that I am against Preschool, it's just that this is my baby! :) I am aware that it will be good for him to learn how to be in a class room and really get the help that he needs, but I am very emotional just thinking about dropping my lil guy off at this new place with people that I do not know for a whole 2 HOURS. I know that it's not that bad, I am just emphasizing my emotions. :) They offered to have a bus come to my home and pick him up and drop him off. My response, "Oh no, my children don't do buses. I will bring him here."

So, that's my Good News / Bad News. I will find out more about his schedule soon and then shopping. AAAWW I can just picture my lil guy with his backpack all ready to go! Of course, mommy will be crying all the way to work.

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  • That is awesome news Carmen, it is really hard to see your baby go off to preschool. But in the long run to get started early with getting everything straightened out will be great once he does start school and he will have all the right tools of learning for whatever comes his way! I look forward to hear about all the great things he will accomplish.

  • Carmen -

    I can totally relate to your worries. As parents, and as mothers in particular, we will do everything we can to ensure our children's happiness. I was SO worried about sending Ivy to kindergarten. She tended to be shy around strangers and I just wanted to be sure she'd make friends easily. I signed her up for school-preparedness counseling, though....I think maybe the counseling was a much for me as for her. n.n'' It helped me just knowing I was doing all I could.

    I was a nervous wreak the whole day while she gone for her first day at kindergarten. I'll admit - I cried. BUT she came home excited, had already made friend and I knew then that she'd be just fine. I'm sure it will be the same for your son - he'll have a blast and he'll enjoy seeing his school friends. :)

  • I totally understand my nephew had to go through some of the same thing because he was slow speaking. But at least your starting when he is young and not waiting to the last minute i know it hard but in the long run he will either be with his class or ahead of the class.:)

  • UPDATE: My son is going to Preschool! He starts in 2 weeks which is both awesome and scary at the same time. The school explained how everything is going to go while he is school and what they expect him to learn through out the year (some of which made me laugh and will surprise me if it happens..) He is such a smart lil guy though and I am sure he will do great and have fun learning all those new things.

    I was a little concerned when they mentioned having a social worker present to help not only my child, but other children with transitions through out the day. I had to let them know that I would not be comfortable at all with strangers dragging my kid from one class to the next. lol But they assured me that they have more creative methods and that should not be an issue. I hope that is correct for their sake! ;)

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