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Bored with snacks!! — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 25, 2011 at 2:20 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Bored with snacks!!


As a mom of four I am constantly faced with trying to find healthy snacks for my kids to take to school. One teacher has a different idea of what makes a healthy snack than I do. Personally just because it has a few chocolate chips in it I don’t think it’s bad (i.e. granola bars) I have another teacher saying no to certain snacks because they are too messy in the classroom (i.e. mandarin orange cups). I have picky eaters and there aren’t many options for the whole family, and let’s face it we are getting bored.

I like to think of myself as creative with snacks. Many times I have come up with something, thinking handi-snacks should package this. The kids don’t feel the same way, because I am no wiz in the kitchen and my ideas are bigger than the skills I have to prepare it. Like my idea for marshmallow flavored yogurt with graham sticks and mini choc chips. The flavor didn’t go over well. Basically, it better be something store bought that I can make better and pair with something they will eat.

My homemade handi-snacks include:

Hummus and baked chips, crackers, pretzels or carrots

Salsa with baked tortilla chips

Pumpkin pancakes with cool whip

Pumpkin butter with graham sticks

Pesto with Melba crackers or crostini

Peanut butter and pretzels, apples or carrots

Though I could go on and on, some snacks are just better not taken to school. There are a number of things the kids don’t like to carry to school because they don’t like the texture once it had been in a lunchbox for a while. Things like cheese and fresh cut fruit just aren’t the same when carried, so we save those for afterschool. We like to do a lot with skewers fresh fruit and cheese as well as ham cubes, with cheese and pickles are our favorites.

All in all we are getting a little bored with the things we do. With little change except for the seasonal differences you see when seasons change, we kind of stick to the basic things we like. I am always looking for new things to try that maybe I can get one or four of the kids to actually try. I would love to hear about some additional things your kids like. Maybe we can give them a try !!!

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  • My daughter's school is the same way. Typically, we just send her with a fruit from the fruit bowl, a cheese stick, packet of goldfish crackers, breakfast cereal .....something simple and ready to go as we're all usually running late as it is in the morning! lol I was really pleased to find my supermarket now carries their own brand of fruit snacks, which are basically like shorter, fatter versions of fruit leather you might have tried. They're REALLY good, contain only fruit and offer a full serving in each packet! I bring them to work for MY snack as well!

  • My kids school at home, but we still need interesting snacks. We make popcorn (in a whirley pop with coconut oil) and sprinkle it with nutritional yeast. The kids think it tastes like cheese popcorn, so we never have it go to waste and they get some extra b vitamins and amino acids.

    The other thing our kids like is strained yogurt (greek yogurt). We either pay the terrible price for those tiny cups of it... or we make a batch ourselves and put it in little dishes for them.

    If we're going out for the day, almonds work well, as do pistachios and granola bars.

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