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My 6 yr old cat has congestion with a hacking cough, like choking. vet did throat procedure, and pulled "stringlike gunk" from her, with odor; sent stuff to lab.  It came back as bacterial, and possible "histocyte" cells. Could this stuff be cancerous, what type and how long antibiotic for bacterial infection; and if cancerous, treatment if any, time left, pain, etc. -

Smartliving Guest asked this
February 21, 2013 at 3:02 PM



Dear Sue,

If a sensitivity has been done your veterinarian can tell you which antibiotics will work best. The length of time will be determined by the response you get. There are other things that you can do to aid the immune system. I would try H2O-IonX, digestive enzymes such as Prozyme, probiotics, and Omega 3,6,9. I would also recommend a grain free diet for a while. Hopefully there is nothing more than an infection.

Please let us know how you do.

Best regards,

Dr. Char

Dr. Char Wilson, DVM Health Coach answered
February 22, 2013 at 1:30 PM
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