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Top Seven Friendly Cat Breeds — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Top Seven Friendly Cat Breeds


Most of the cats are generally very reserved and hide themselves under the bed if you approach them to show affection. On the other hand, some felines accept the owner’s affection with great joy. Such cats turn happy being in the company of the owner and are extremely extrovert. These types of cats are ideal choices for all those who want an enthusiastic and playful pet. Here is the list of top seven friendly cat breeds that feel happy to be with you:

  • Sphynx: The Sphynx are famous for being extrovert. They are energetic cats with a high level of intelligence, energy, affection and curiosity. These cats cannot remain lonely for long time and so they like to roam around the owner in quest of affection and care.
  • Maine Coon: This feline breed is also known as American Longhair. It is the largest domesticated cat breed. These cats can adjust with anyone and is highly playful. Moreover, the feline is a great travel companion and love to show affection to the owner from time to time.
  • Manx: Manx cats are the breed originated from Isle of Man. It has short tail and is mostly known as tailless breed. These felines are highly social and are attached to their masters at a great extent. They have a remarkable ability to learn verbal commands.
  • Birman: This domestic cat breed is also known as the sacred cat of Burma. Birmans are color pointed and long haired cats that have blue eyes, silky coat and white gloves on paws. These cats are widely popular for their friendly nature with the masters.
  • Ragdoll: Ragdoll is an American cat breed with color point coat and blue eyes. It is muscular and large cat of calm, docile and floppy way of behavior. The basic traits that make these cats friendly are them being intelligent, affectionate, gentle, and of relaxed temperaments.
  • Somali: This cat breed was originated in Somalia are found in around 28 different colors. This breed loves to try riddles and play different games. Their high enthusiasm for games and their love for bonding make them an ideal pet. This feline breed does not like to share attention with any other pet.
  • Siamese: Siamese is one of the oldest oriental cat breed. These felines have triangular head, elongated, muscular and slender body. These cats are highly social, playful and intelligent and love the game of fetch. They are always in the quest of getting the attention and affection from the owner.

The cats that are friendly in nature are fun to be with. These felines love to be coddled and to lie in the owners lap for hours. All in all, they are the unmatched breed to domesticate!

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