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The Five Smallest Cat Breeds in The World

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

It's the dream of many cat owners that their little kitten would stay little forever - but what if it that dream could come true? Live in a small space? Looking for a cat that stays small? One of these 5 cat breeds might be just what you're looking for!

#5. The Siamese (6- 14 lbs)


Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker

Look: The Siamese's body is slender and sleek and their large-pointed ears give them a distinguished look. Just as their body, their coat is silky and smooth and colors range from seal, blue, chocolate and lilac.

Personality: Another ancient breed, these felines are a part of many Egyptian paintings, drawn to guard the temples and tombs. This idea carries over into their personality. Once they bond with someone they never leave that person's side - guarding them in a way. Chatting is one of a Siamese's favorite pastimes. They like when people talk to them as well. If you tire of conversing, they'll keep meowing - telling you their life story! :)

More info and pictures of the Siamese in "Feline 101: The Siamese"

#4. The Cornish Rex ( 6-10 lbs)

cornish rex

Photo Credit: Shinzui

Look: Just like the Devon, with their silky, wavy coat, these felines are soft to the touch. Their head gives this breed it's unique look - small and shaped just like an egg! Cornish Rexes come in almost every kind of color and pattern.

Personality: If you are an active family, you'll fall in love with these kitties! They love to play and will even play fetch! Leaping, jumping, and sprinting are some of their favorite pastimes. Oh, and Cornish Rexes love to joke around, so don't be surprised if you turn a corner and they are there waiting to scare you! :)

More info and pictures of the Cornish Rex in "Feline 101: The Cornish Rex."

#3. The Devon Rex ( 5-10 lbs)

devon rex

Photo Credit: Sakuraquiet

Look: Many people say Devon Rexes resemble elves - large eyes, prominent cheek bones and HUGE ears. These felines have also been compared to appearing like aliens due to the enormous size of their ears and eyes. They have wavy fur which collects more in the back, sides, tail, legs, face and ears. (Basically ever part of their body but the belly!)

Personality: If you are a family that loves to cuddle, you've found your match! Devon Rexes are avid snugglers and love nothing but to shower you with affection. They've been known to wake people up with hugs and kisses.

#2. The Munchkin (5 - 9 lbs)

munchkin cat

Photo Credit: Acid

Look: It's impossible to mention the Munchkin without gushing over their adorable, short little legs. You could compare them to a Wiener dog. Besides their distinctive body type however, these cats can also be identified by their walnut shaped eyes and perfect triangular ear. Munchkins come in both short hair and long hair varieties.

Personality: The Munchkin's short legs don't slow it down!  They love to play hunt and fight and have been dubbed the "magpie" of cats for their love of shiny objects and their tendency to steal and hide them! They are a confident, outgoing cat.

#1. The Singapura (4-7 lbs)


Photo Credit: Sakuraquiet

Look: Stealing the spotlight as the World's smallest breed is the Singapura! Although they are small in size and weight, their body is surprisingly muscular. Their fur is short and sepia in color. Singapuras' eyes are beautifully almond-shaped and come in hazel, green or yellow.

Personality: These cats are true people-pleasers. These felines thrive on being the life of the party. No matter what's happening, they want to be the center of it all! They make a great family pet. Playful, and curious, Singapuras love making new friends!

More info and pictures of the Singapura in "Feline 101: The Singapura."

Which of these little cuties is your favorite? Do you have an experience with one of these breeds to share?



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