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The Top 5 Smartest Cat Breeds In The World

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A cat’s intelligence has previously been measured by their ability to learn and adapt to their environment. New research has shown a social nature also points to a more intelligent cat. These top 5 smartest cat breeds meet all this criteria!



#5. The Cornish Rex

cornish rex kitten

Photo Credit: Shinzui

The fifth most intelligent cat is the Cornish Rex breed. Their most striking characteristic is their wavy, curly coat that needs no grooming. A large area to play is the Rex’s dream. They love to roam in wide-open spaces. Being the center of attention is one of their favorite pastimes and they will pounce around just for your entertainment! Their playful spirit makes them to be a great choice for families with children.

Compatible With This Breed: Households with children. Active people. Families with other pets.

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#4. The Sokoke

sokoke cat

Photo Credit:

Next up is the Sokoke, originating from Kenya. Their independent nature means they're okay having alone time. Don’t be fooled though, these cats aren’t loners. They are very social and get along perfectly with other cats and dogs. Ever seen a cat on a leash? There's a good chance it was a Sokoke! These are one of the few felines that can be trained to walk on a leash. They are very active cats that have a hard time sitting still for long.

Compatible With This Breed: People looking for a trainable cat. Families with school-age children. Families with dogs or other cats.

#3. The Sphynx


Photo Credit: Niklas

Placing third is the Sphynx, nickednamed “Love Mooch” for their undying loyalty to their owners. These felines love being the center of attention and are extremely friendly. You’ll find them a great for entertaining guests. They aren’t afraid of new people and will jump at the chance to show off their talents. The Sphynx has an abundance of energy – they're go go go, but when they tire, they like a warm, cozy spot to cuddle up and rest.

Compatible With This Breed: Experienced owners, families with children, single people and people with other pets.

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#2. The Bengal


Photo Credit: Michael Carian

Coming in as the second smartest would be the Bengal. They have a  three A’s personality – active, agile, and alert. Because of that, they are extremely curious and mischievous. Don’t be surprised when you open your cupboard for some morning cereal to find a set of eyes staring back at you! These smart kitties learn how to open cabinets and doors quickly. Bengals love and even demand attention. The right owners for them will have a lot of time on their hands to play and cuddle.

Compatible With This Breed: Experienced cat owners. Active cat owners. Households with other pets – even dogs.     

Learn more and check out pictures of the Bengal on Feline 101.

#1.  The Savannah


Photo Credit: Shay Hass

Stealing the number 1 spot is the Savannah breed. Savannah’s are known for their dog-like personality. You’ll see these felines following their owners around the house. If you’re lucky, they’ll even play fetch! Very friendly to other cats and even dogs, this active breed loves to play, play, play. They are extremely active! Also, they are avid escape artists and will try tricky tactics to get what they want and where they want.

Compatible With This Breed: Experienced owners. Owners with an active lifestyle. Families with older children. Families with other pets.

Which one is your favorite? Do you own one of these cats?


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