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February 2, 2012 at 11:38 AMComments: 7 Faves: 1

Two-Faced Kitten Born in Florida!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Hello again and welcome to another post from The Scratchpad. This week we have some breaking news!

A kitten was born with not one, but TWO faces this week.

Nash and Amelia are the owners of this cat and they were a bit surprised to see two faces staring up at them when this little kitten was born. The couple decided to name him Harvey Dent after the two-face character in Batman.

Photo credit:
UK Daily Mail

One of the first questions that came to mind when reading this story was: how does this cat function with two faces? Amelia shared some insight:

They simultaneously work together, the two faces. When he eats on one side, it looks like he is eating on the other.

So, that means when he meows, both faces meow. How cute!?

Photo credit: UK Daily Mail

Some people critiqued the couple’s decision to keep Harvey. They thought it was cruel to the animal since he had this kind of deformity. Amelia said someone told her that to keep such an animal alive was an abomination and called her an evil person for letting a thing like that live.

She disagrees.

“It shouldn’t be killed just because it’s a little different”

As an animal lover, I will have to agree with Amelia. Just because an animal has a deformity doesn’t mean it should be put down. But what if the animal had chronic health problems and was suffering constantly every day? That's where it starts to get tricky.

What’s your opinion? Should animals with deformities have the right to live? Where do you draw the line on how much pain or suffering your pet is going through?


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  • We don't put people down when they're born with deformities. Why should a cat be treated any differently? If it has health problems and is suffering, sure, but if it can function just fine with the two faces, why not let it be?

  • I am with you Dave! I feel the same way. Most people have something that's different about them and it can help shape who they are as a person. Animals should be treated with the same respect.

  • If it's OK, that's cool. No one will ever sneak up on it!

  • For all of this kittens 'healthy' life, think of the joy it will bring to it's family just by being different! Two little heads to kiss at once! Got to Love it........

  • Thank God that the kitten was given to the right couple. How lucky they are to have 4 loving eyes looking up at them. It helps to easy the pain in my heart that is caused by so many stories about animal misuse, neglect, and abuse to read an uplifting story.Thank you.

  • I was with our local humane society for 25 years and had the pleasure of finding homes for "different" dogs and cats. If an animal is born with a deformity and is not in pain, it deserves to live. My heart goes out to the kitten and thank God for giving him to the right parents. I pray he leads a long, healthy life and gives them the pleasure they deserve.

  • as long as they arent suffering. the folks who think this creation of God is evil should ask themselves;if it were their child,would they consider it evil,and kill it? if yes,they need serious help!

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