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"Moses" the Kitten Gets a New Start After Mom is Killed By Car

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Two couples - Mark and Mandy and Clay and Meg - were in their homes when they heard a sudden squeal of wheels and rushed outside to see that two cars had collided. There they spotted the cause - a mother cat who had been killed and her tiny little kitten that was still alive. It was hard to see him at first! He was only 4 oz. heavy, 4 in long!

“He looked like a little mouse.” said Mark

The kitten appeared to be hurt and was too young to be on his own so Mark, Mandy, Clay and Meg decided to adopt the little fellow and named him "Moses." From then on they made it their mission to nurse him back to health and Moses slowly began to get better and better. Having shared with friends, people were always asking them for updates on the little survivor. And that's when it hit them - wouldn’t others love to hear his story? They all already knew their families who would be interested in receiving updates so they developed a blog where they've posted pictures and video of Moses to share with the whole world.

“We thought the story of this orphaned kitten being raised without a mother was really cool and figured our friends and family would enjoy keeping up with his progress,” Mark explained.

And was he right!

Their blog has received much attention - and not just by their friends and family. Celebrities Mandy Moore and her husband Ryan Adams stumbled across their posts, leading Mandy Moore to tweet about how cute this little kitten was.

Moses Feeding from a Bottle

Moses Finding a Friend

Moses Learning a New Trick!

Moses Catching Shoe Laces

If you wish to follow how Moses is doing too, you can visit his blog to watch his journey! :)


ABC News: Moses the Cat's Recovery an Internet Sensation

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