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June 6, 2012 at 11:23 AMComments: 17 Faves: 1

Artist Turns Dead Cat Into Helicopter

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

When a pet passes away, it can be hard to say goodbye. It can take awhile to cope with the loss. When any of my pets passed away, my parents would bury them and we’d hold a small ceremony to honor them. Well, dutch artist, Bart Jansen honored his dead cat in a whole different way!

helicopter catAfter Jansen’s cat Orville (Rightly named after Orville Wright) was hit and killed by a car, he was turned into a toy helicopter! Jansen explains this was his way of paying tribute to his dear pet.

The process started with a little taxidermy. Orville was stuffed so that cat helicopterhe’d stay in a certain position – arms and legs extended far out. Then, Jansen made the full transformation by placing the wheels in his belly and the propellers on his two front paws.

According to Jansen, Orville is now 'half cat, half machine." He has plans to make more powerful engines cat helicopterso Orville can fly even higher!

Although Jansen may be satisfied with his decision, many people are upset with Jansen’s way of memorializing his dead cat. Some online comments read:

“This is horrible. I feel disgusted. I cant bear to look. I love animals and I have a cat as well. I don't understand you he couldn't give the poor guy a decent burial. I feel so saddened.” -Sherry, Nottinghm UK

“I worry that the notoriety from this will inspire some to engage in cruelty toward cats.” - Pauline, Washington, DC, 06/6/2012 05:02

"I find it sick. The man is demented. He needs psychiatric help." - Vickie, Louisville, USA

Others don’t understand WHY he chose to pay tribute to his cat this way, but, they ask - if it makes him happy, then what’s the harm? The cat was already dead, after all!.

I don't understand this. I am not particularly appalled, disgusted, or otherwise put off, but I am left wondering how one goes from dead cat to hairy helicopter. I suppose both are incredibly difficult to control... Still, if it makes him happy, good for him.”- Ken, Salisbury, NC, USA

“I am on the fence about this. Its borderline creepy but also an interesting way to pay tribute to his pet.”-una, usa

Some people just enjoyed looking at these photos in awe, which lends to some humorous comments:

“Is it a Bird? is it Plane? no it's......SUPERCAT!!! *cue superman theme but with various cats meowing it instead of instruments playing*"- Stuart, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

"It would be interesting to see how birds feel about a flying cat chasing them about!"- Robert, Stl, MO, USA

Despite all the negative/confused responses to his choice, Jansen sticks by his decision to make Orville a flying artifact. In fact, he believes it helps Orville reach his ultimate goal – flying with the birds!

cat helicopter

cat helicopter

cat helicopter














What do YOU think? Is this animal cruelty or not?


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  • He is CRAZY!

  • I would never consider something being done to a dead animal as animal cruelty. But this is pretty weird and disgusting. I'm not a big fan of touching dead bodies, so this plays right into my phobia. I would prefer not seeing a dead cat dive-bombing me on the beach or something. Pretty gross, according to me.

  • that's messed up

  • I fail to see how this is any more messed up than gathering over a loved one and weeping when everyone there knows that the person who died wouldn't want it. We all do absolutely illogical things when a loved one dies. To judge this man and his coping mechanism is beyond arrogant.

  • P.S.

    I will ask this as no one else will: "I wonder how he flies?"

  • Just because it's the way an individual wants to deal with something doesn't mean that others can't feel it's a bit deviant (or messed up). He's not quite Norman Bates, but clearly has some similar issues.

  • How can it be cruelty if the Cat's dead? This is just how he pays tribute to his pet....quite an ingenious idea, if he has any sense (which I think he does) he won't pay any attention to what others think....keep up the good work...hope you get the cat to 1,000 feet!

  • Hahahahahahahahahahahahah!

  • At first, I was very shocked when seeing this and couldn't believe he'd do this! But, as I began to process it, I wasn't so upset anymore. As weird as this may's his way of memorializing his cat. Some people do burials, I guess Jansen does this. I think that if it's his way of coping with a loss, then go for it. He isn't hurting the cat since Orville already passed away.

    But I do see how it could be a little "out there." I wouldn't choose to do this to my pets, but everyone has their own way of dealing with things.

  • I thought it was weird at first too, but when I think about hearing people cremating their loved ones and sprinkling the ashes in the forest, out in the ocean, or sending them up into space, this really isn't too far a leap from that.

  • I am sorry this just disturbs me alot..that poor kitty look scared.. i gues i am old school but anything that has passed away needs to be respected.. this is very sad

  • I was telling my sister about this story and she just thought it was great. She laughed and laughed.

    I asked her if she didn't think it was just a bit disrespectful. "I mean, would you want some one to stuff you and turn you into a helicopter after you died?"

    Her eyes lit up like it was Christmas day. Her response:"H*** YES!!! Who wouldn't?!"

    lol :)

  • I can get the stuffing part - I asked my husband what we're going to do when our little Gracie passes away. She is just so cute and lovable so I asked him if we would stuff her and he said NO! No way. So I can understand why people would do this. But turning the cat into a helicopter in my thoughts is not so cool. You know what goes up must come down and sometimes things like this crash. I know, my husband has a toy helicopter!

  • Well, this is certainly weird...but calling it abuse doesn't make any sense, since of course the cat was already dead. I can't say I wouldn't be a little weirded out if I saw this in person, but hey, it's not my cat!

  • I really feel that this is a form of animal abuse even though the animal is dead. I feel this cat should be buried in peace and have a decent burial and respect paid to it by a little funeral for him. Let the dead be dead and gone. Making a replica that looked like the cat in his memory would be one thing but this is pushing the envelope... What next will people be turning their dead relatives into ufo's, planes, and motorized vehicles and calling them art. This is really sick and weird. I am appalled and I think it is an extremely disgusting thing to do to the dead and it is very disrespectful on so many levels. May God heal this mans mind and make him well again. I am just really upset by this it's beyond words really.

  • Horrible!! It's way tooo cruel ...Plz don't encourage people to do this...
    U can't love someone and stuff them later!

  • This makes me sick! It should make everyone sick. I would never ever do or think of doing anything like this to any creatures if I like them or not. I can't imagine people thinks it's ok much less funny. This isn't what you do to someone or your pets you love after they have passed on. rnIf you can do this to a animal (hard to think you even care for this cat) what else have you done or in that mind of your to do. This is by NO means normal. Those of you that thinks it's funny also have serious problems. There are stories of people that started on small creatures with inhuman acts. Starts out dead then went to alive. After loss of interest to animals then to humans. So why in this world would anybody ever think this is ok!!?? I would think they would get him for animal cruelty. That's the only thing I can call it. There is so much evil cruel things out there & this is one. Myself I believe I need to try to hold on tighter to my love ones. I want to protect them from such evil creatures that can & does such acts of crime. And that includes the ones that's laughing at such acts. But will it be funny with someone you love human or pets?rnIt's such a sad terrible thing that our earth has come to think this is ok or allowed. I don't remember ever hearing of such acts being allowed or talked about in the one book we all should be living our life too. I have heard my whole life that someone thinks that God won't let this earth keep going as it is. The more I see & hear myself - I can also see why they are saying this. rn I have to say "Lord help us all!"

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