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July 6, 2012 at 3:29 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

15-year old boy climbs 60-foot tree to save cat!

By Bri Luginbill More Blogs by This Author

Welcome to The Scratchpad – the news blog for cat lovers.

This week: Firefighters refuse to help a cat stuck in a 60- foot tree – so a 15-year old boy climbs the tree and saves the cat!

Imagine hearing distraught meows from your cat as they cry for help…from a 60-foot tree! This is what cat-owner Mrs. Harland had to endure day after day when her cat Diesel climbed to the top of a large pine. Barely sleeping each night, she called the local fire station.

 Because the height of the tree was a staggering 60 feet, the firefighters feared putting their officers at risk. They told her it wasn’t their policy to rescue cats from trees. Mrs. Harland did what any owner would do next: she called the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA). Unfortunately, she received the exact same answer.

 Mrs. Harland found a tree surgeon that would come and try to save Diesel. The surgeon tried, but failed. She had almost lost hope until a 15-year old boy mustered up the courage to climb the tree to rescue Diesel himself! Amazingly, Kyle Watkinson scaled the trunk without any safety gear –no ladders, safety nets, or cranes.

 After rescuing Diesel, he had something to say to all the firefighters and SSPCA:

 “It wasn’t hard and it isn’t even the worst tree I have climbed. I was scared for the cat but never for myself. 

“I am happy to have saved Diesel, but would like to send a message to the firefighters and the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals that they should be helping animals in trouble.

“They said it was too risky – but I just can’t see how, when I’m a 15-year-old boy and I got up and got the cat down with no bother at all.”

Mrs. Harland’s face gleamed when she was able to hold Diesel in her arms again. She thanked Kyle profusely for his bravery and perseverance. But, she too, wanted to send a message to SSPCA:

 “If I had gone out and tied Diesel to a tree the SSPCA would be here quickly enough, wanting to prosecute me for cruelty. But when I ask for help to get him down a tree, they don’t want to know.”

Mrs. Harland's opinion is pretty clear. But what do you think?

Do you think the firefighters or SSPCA should have helped her cat?


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