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"The Adventures of Travel Cat" is a Must-Follow for Feline and Travel Enthusiasts

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This Author

The usual travel blog formula – lodging, site seeing, tourist activities, shopping, and food – so far as I can tell, we're only missing one thing.  Where are all the felines?!

Having just recently celebrated its first year anniversary, Jaunted’s “The Adventures of Travel Cat” is a photo blog that illustrates just how much our love of cats transcends country borders, languages, and continents. Standing out among the long line of food and site-seeing tourism publications, Travel Cat offers cat lovers a unique way to tour the world and the wide variety of cats in it.

From a gorgeous a long haired tri-color found investigating a flower market in Santiago to the most recently featured white and orange shorthair napping near a Cambodian meditation center, there is no one single travel cat. Rather, travel cat is an every cat, each feline who enhances their spot on Earth simply by being there.

Cynthia Drescher - The Adventures of Travel CatAs for the format, blogger Cynthia Drescher keeps it simple – a location, photo/s, and a short summary of how the cat was spotted. Many are found and photographed by Cynthia herself who, as a contract travel, culture, and style writer has a unique opportunity for “feline tourism.” However,  in each blog she invites Travel Cat followers to share their own shots and those submissions make up a large portion of the Wednesday weekly series as well.  

Want to see some cats?

Eager to share your own photos?

You can follow “The Adventures of Travel Cat” on Jaunted, Twitter, or on Instagram! Here's just a sampling of the amazing photos you’ll see when you do!

 The Adventures of Travel Cat

Istanbul, Turkey

 The Adventures of Travel Cat

Istanbul, Turkey

 The Adventures of Travel Cat
Napa Valley, California

 The Adventures of Travel Cat

Santiago, Chile

The Adventures of Travel Cat 

Purmamarca, Argentina

The Adventures of Travel Cat

Bangkok, Thailand

The Adventures of Travel Cat

The Grand Theatre - Ephesus, Turkey

As Cynthia says - “Kitty cats. They rule the internet and, whether we realize it or not, pretty much the world too.”

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  • Funny - the Istanbul, Turkey cat looks a lot like my dog! Begging for food!

  • Yeah, and the Istanbul kitty looks likes he's a pretty successful little beggar too. ;) hehe

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