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[Paws & Awws] What To Do: "My Cat Keeps Peeing Outside the Litter Box!"

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They are generally easier to take care of than dogs and having a cat can be very rewarding. However, sometimes cats develop unwanted behaviors. Today, we are going to discuss one of the most serious issues facing cat owners: cats not using their litter boxes.

Some Things To Consider If Your Cat Has This Problem

What to Do About Pee Spots

If your cat pees outside the box, cleaning up the spot will help, but it won't necessarily eliminate the problem. This is due to the scent left in your carpet or furniture. It is important to remove the scent so your cat won't be attracted to continue peeing in that area. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Proper Litter Box Care

Are you cleaning their litter box DAILY? Two times a day is best, but daily cleaning is a must. Cat's love clean litter boxes, so it could help to have one litter box per cat in your household and on every floor of the house.

Make sure the box is NOT located in a high-traffic area or by a loud machine (such as a washing machine). If you have a dog, make sure your dog does NOT have access to the litter box. Your cat needs their privacy and to not be interrupted when taking care of business.

Finally, keep the litter box as consistent as possible. Don't change the location of your cat's litter box around the house; keep it in a designated area. Have you changed her litter to a different brand? Try not to switch your cat's litter from one brand to another. Cats like consistency in their litter: same feel, same scent, and same brand.

If You Catch Your Cat Peeing Outside the Box?

First: NEVER punish your cat for peeing outside of its box!

Cats do NOT get mad and pee outside of their litter box out of spite. Do NOT rub your cat's nose in her mess or spank her. This can heighten her anxiety and therefore she could possibly pick a different area to pee, not out of spite, but out of stress.

If your cat is having issues peeing outside of her litter box, remember to visit your vet immediately to rule out any medical issues. Don't forget, your kitty is NOT being naughty. There is always a reason behind this behavioral problem. She may have a medical issue, stress, or a problem with her environment, so be diligent in finding out what can be causing this new behavioral problem.


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