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[Feline 101] Study: Cat Ownership Increases a Man's Attractiveness Say Women

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Dateless this past Valentines, guys?

A feline companion may improve your luck!

While old gender stereotypes used to have pets divided - cats for women and dogs for men – we now have definitive proof that this isn’t the case. Owning a cat doesn’t make a guy any less masculine. In fact, according to psychologist Dr. June McNicholas, lead researcher on a new study from The Cats Protection League of the UK, men who own cats aren’t only not effeminate, women actually find them more attractive than their kitty-free counterparts! Could the feline parasite t. gondii be at play here? Hard to say, but whatever the reason, of the single women interviewed:

In a similar study by the website, 84% of readers answered “yes” when asked “Do real men own cats?” “Only intelligent, aware, caring men love cats!” added one.

For his part, TV Vet and Cats Protection League supporters Dr. Scott Miller was pleased, but unsurprised by the results. As he told reporters, “I think women find the presence of a cat in a bachelor pad not only a good indication of character, but also confirms our sensitive side which many women hopefully find attractive!”

It’s funny though, because most of the men interviewed appeared to have no idea what a cat could be doing for their love life! Compared with 90% of women, just 42% of men thought women preferred men who were animal lovers. It seems old ideas die hard. But how did those stereotypes take hold in the first place?

As author and life-long cat guy John Scalzi weighed in, it used to be the only way a guy could keep a cat without ridicule was to be so masculine and tough no one would dare question you. (Think Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, and Marlon Brando in real life, or think about villains in pop culture. ) In actuality, Scalzi attests, it’s the dog that always backs you up which is ideal for an insecure man. Our feline friends are far less domesticated than dogs and compared with canine companions, it wasn’t until relatively recently that cats were brought indoors to be pets and not just pest control. Therefore, a male cat lover “is secure with himself. “says Scalzi, after all, “He’s sharing his space with a predator.”

Personally, I’m a bit biased, but I have to agree with the majority of women in this survey! My man (right) is definitely a cat lover and no less manly for the fact. Rather, his affection for our kitties speaks to his generally affectionate nature. Believe me, we’re all spoiled. ;)


Ladies - Do you agree? Is your guy a cat guy?

Men - Are you a cat lover? Have you gotten any gruff for it? What is it about cats that most appeals to you?

I'd love to hear what you think!



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