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December 2, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Kitty Holiday Guide: Cool Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Feline 101 Blog Series

They brighten our days, make us laugh, and comfort us when were feeling down. Were constantly sharing stories and photos of them with our friends and when were away, we cant wait to be back and to see them. Our cats are as much a part of our lives as any member of our family! How will you treat them this holiday season?

Ive scoured the web to find some of the coolest feline products available. Pamper your own kitties or gift a cat lover a present thats sure to impress!

1. Cat Crib ($29) A custom fit hammock that can fit under any chair. Get it in black, purple, or tan.

2. Faux Bois Feline Hideout Stump ($62) A totally handmade item from Etsy. Love the earthy, whimsical feel.

3. Faux Bois Feline Hideout Log ($62) From the same maker of the hideout stump. The hideout log has one closed end, and a peek-a-boo hole.

4. Fold-It-Yourself Cardboard Classic Playhouse Plane ($35) - Let your kitty live out their aviation dreams. A fun, affordable buy for the cat and cat lover with a sense of humor.

5. Fold-It-Yourself Cardboard Cat Teepee ($35) - Adorable cat teepee from the same maker of the cardboard plane hideout. A cute way to give kitty some privacy.

6. Hand-Felted Cat Cocoon ($59) - Another great handmade item from Etsy. Warm, cozy material, with a modern design. Eye-catching and beautiful.

7. Kitty Chaise Lounge ($155) - Definitely a splurge, but if you can afford it, you must admit it's one stunning cat bed! Mad Men fans will appreciate the clean-lines a chic retro style. Wow!

8. Three Tier Cat Trapeze ( $69) - A comfy, modern way for kitties to get some height and observe their environment. Available in a variety of colors.

1. SmartCat Peek-A-Prize Toy Box ($28) - Plays on your kitty's natural hunting instincts to keep them mentally and physically fit. Can be used with your own toys, treats, and catnip.

2. Perky Catnip Pickle ($7) - Support a small business with a funny handmade Etsy find for a funny cat owner.

3. Jumbo Angler ($5) - An unusual stuffed catnip toy readers of online comic The Oatmeal will especially appreciate.

4. Mouse Tales Cat Toy ($14) - A fun way to play with your cat and stimulate their hunting instincts. Too cute!

5. Zanies Cat Cheese Wedge Display with 60 Furry Mice ($21) 60 real rabbit-fur covered mice in a fun cheese wedge display. Great deal!

6. Cat Playhouse DJ Cat Scratcher ($35) - Keep your furniture safe and make cats and music lovers happy with this unique cat scratcher.

1. Toilet Bowl Cat Fountain ($30) - Cats and the toilet bowl - a fascination that's bewildered and disgusted many a cat owner, now made safe and sanitary. A funny way to keep your kitty hydrated.

2. Here Kitty Kitty! Farm-Fresh Organic Cat Treats ($8) - Handmade from local, organic ingredients and wild caught salmon.

3.The Munchies Handmade Vegan Catnip Treats ($5) - Probiotic wheat germ power with the catnip cats go crazy for.

4. Drinkwell Fountain and Aqua Garden ($39 + $7) - A really cool way to provide your cats with the running water source they prefer and the fresh, fiberous pro-digestion greens they crave.

5. Cat-Man-Doo Extra Large Bonito Flakes ($9) - A heart and brain-health power dose of omega 3 made from dried fish.

1. Talk To Me Treatball ($8) - A motion-activated treat ball that plays your recorded message for your kitty as they try to get the treats inside. Stimulates mind and body while reminding them of you.

2. FrolicCat BOLT Laser Toy ($20) - A laser toy you can set to play for several short sessions each day. A great way to keep kitty entertained and make sure they're getting plenty of exercise.

3. Mouse In The House Cat Toy ($50) - Plug in the wall and set the mouse to run around the house several times a day. Durable plastic design can withstand even the most enthusiastic felines. Too cute!

4. DVD for Cat: While You Are Gone ($14) - A guided tour through the woods for your cat! On there way they'll see butterflies, ducks, fish, and even kittens. Afterwards, they'll watch a game of dancing strings and ribbons. An affordable way to keep your cats amused.

5. Uncle Milton Pet's Eye View Camera ($39) - A small, comfortable digital camera attached to your cat's collar automatically snaps photos every 1, 5 or 15 minutes storing up to 40 photos you can then upload to your home computer. A neat way to check what they've been up to and see the world from their perspective.

6. The Solar Chaser ($40) - No outlet or batteries needed! The Solar Chaser attaches by suction to a window and generates green energy from the sun. A small ball with feathers wave on a string for as long as the sun is out and the solar-powered switch is on.

1. Kitty Bow Tie Collars ($6) - Love, love, LOVE these handmade kitty bow ties from Etsy! Give your boy kitties classy edge. Many colors and patterns available!

2. FURminator Cat FurGoPet Deshedder Tool ($30) - This de-shedding brush can decrease shedding by up to 90% in just 4-6 weeks! Great for both long and short-haired cats!

3. Omega 3/6/9 ($20) - The balanced blend of omega fatty acids not only support your cat's brain and heart health, it helps maintain a healthy lustrous coat sheen as well!

4. Probiotic Supplement ($20) - Probiotics help maintain good digestion, prevent allergic outbreaks, boost immunity, and bonus - actually keep down the nasty breath and gas!

5. Martha Stewart Pets Felt Flower Collar ($9) - Girl kitties look pretty with Martha's cheerful felt-flowered collars.

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