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"Does My Cat Have Feline Diabetes?" Feline Diabetes Treatment Options: Natural and Conventional

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How can you tell if your cat has diabetes?

There are many signs.

One of the most common symptoms is increased thirst, which is related to the second most common initial sign of diabetes -  increased urination.

Other possible symptoms of feline diabetes include:

  • Increased appetite
  • Dehydration
  • Depression
  • Weakness
  • Rapid breathing
  • Walking on their hocks

When to See a Vet

  • If your feline friend is eating more food, but losing weight instead of gaining it...
  • If they're not as playful as they once were and  seem to be lying around and sleeping more than usual...
  • If you notice an increase in their thirst...
  • If you simply suspect something is wrong...

You should take your furry friend to the vet for blood and urine testing immediately. Urine testing will show if there are traces of glucose in the urine and the blood testing will show the blood sugar levels of your cat.

If the disease is left untreated it could be debilitating. The damage caused by feline diabetes could be nerve damage, organ failure, blindness, and even death.

Conventional Diabetes Treatment for Pets

Fortunately, if your cat does have diabetes there are different treatment options available. One would be to give your cat daily insulin injections. 

You'll need to pay attention to the cat's blood glucose levels, because the efficiency of supplements and positive health changes could require that the insulin doses be reduced. It is safer for the cat to have slightly high blood glucose levels than if they drop really low. Giving your cat to much insulin can be deadly if not closely monitored.You should closely monitor the blood sugar levels to ensure proper insulin dosing, or risk harm and possibly resulting in death.

It's also important that you vary the injection site. If injections are administered  in the same place every time, scar tissue will build up and the insulin will not be absorbed properly by the body. 

If you choose this option, be aware of the possible negative side effects and report any you notice to your vet,  

Natural Diabetes Treatment for Pets

  • Supplements: While not appropriate on their own for advanced or severe diabetes symptoms, there are a number of supplements diabetic cat owners use alongside insulin or in place of insulin when diabetes is well-managed. A few popular options include gymnema, chromium, and vanadium. 
  • Homeopathics: Homeopathics are medicines which act similarly to a vaccine, but use natural ingredients rather than viruses and are renowned for their safety and lack of side effects. Homeopathic medicines typically come in either pill or liquid forms. If you do choose a liquid however, please look for one without alcohol like Vetionx's Dia-IonX product. 
  • Diet and Exercise: As obesity and lack of activity increases risk of diabetes, so does addressing those issues improve the condition. It's important to make sure your cat is getting enough exercise as well as maintaining a healthy diet regardless of whether you are giving insulin injections and/or natural treatments for feline diabetes.
  • Integrative Treatment: If you are giving insulin injections and changing their exercise habits and adding supplements to their diets, these changes can promote more efficient use of insulin in the body.

If you can promote a healthier lifestyle for your cat such as adequate exercise, raw unprocessed foods, proper medical treatment such as insulin and health promoting supplements, you may be able to reduce or eliminate their suffering from feline diabetes altogether.

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