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Cat Cafe Expands to Vienna

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This week I made an exciting discovery – Japan recently expanded their cat café chain, opening one in Vienna, Austria. Residents (or visitors!) can stop in and order their favorite beverage -all while enjoying the calming presence of feline company.

Takako Ishimitsu - Cat Cafe ViennaThe owner of this new café is Takako Ishimitsu. She moved from Japan to Austria over 20 years ago. She saw how Austria was rich in café culture and she decided it was time to bring a new kind of coffee place around.

"I wanted to open a cafe that has a Japanese touch and which does not exist in Austria."

Just like in Japan, the cats that reside in the café are all adopted from local humane society, but Ishimitsu confessed opening up this kind of café wasn’t easy. She had to negotiate with Vienna city hall officials who were concerned with the overall cleanliness. With cats running around a place where people eat and drink publicly, it seems like a legit concern. However, after much discussion, Ishimitsu assured them that hygiene would not be an issue.

The café has been in full swing since Friday, May 4 and customers seem to be taking a liking to it.

"There are cat lovers in any country. I think (the cat cafe) will be well-received in Vienna as well," said Isimitsu. And from the following photos, looks like the place is packed with people!

cat cafe

cat cafe vienna

It makes me wonder…when will Japan expand these cafes in the United States and other countries. I am hoping as soon as possible!

What do YOU think? Would you like it if a cat café opened up where you live?


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