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Cat Breeds Blogs

[Feline 101] Cat-Safe Grass and Herb Gardens for Spoiled, Happy Indoor Felines

The benefits of cat grass plus 15 more feline-safe plants cats love! Read More ▶

[Paws & Awws] Four Reasons Why Two Cats Are Better Than One

I have never lived in a household with only one cat. Growing up, my family always had two and now I am continuing on this… Read More ▶

Feline Body Language: 8 Signs Your Cat is Happy

Just like us, animals express how they feel through body language as well as sound/speech. Cats in particular use many different parts of their body… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] The Norwegian Forest Cat

Big Fluffy Friendly Quiet Playful… Read More ▶

Man on Trial After Cat-Kicking Video Went Viral: Will There be Justice for King? UPDATE ON CASE

If you haven t seen this now viral video, be warned it s hard to watch. A young man bends down and extending his hand… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Kitten Hood: Man Steals $185,000 Worth of Cash and Jewels, Spends it On Stray Cats

After a yearlong spree, Kitten Hood, Mamoru Demizu is being charged with 32 counts of burglary he committed not for personal gain or greed, but… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Study: Cat Ownership Increases a Man's Attractiveness Say Women

Dateless this past St. Valentines, guys? A purring feline companion may improve your luck! Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Multi-Cat Home: Understanding (and Keeping Peace!) in the Feline Hierarchy

Toms, and queens, and alphas - oh my! Keeping peace in your pride is easier when you understand the dynamics of a feline hierarchy: Read More ▶

Latest Cat Breeds Blogs

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