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Cat Breeds

Are you a cat lover? If so, we would love to hear from you! In this group, you can connect with other cat owners to discuss the diversity of this truly phenomenal pet, as well as how best to care for the health and well-being of specific breeds.

[Feline 101] The Norwegian Forest Cat

Big Fluffy Friendly Quiet Playful… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Cat-Safe Grass and Herb Gardens for Spoiled, Happy Indoor Felines

The benefits of cat grass plus 15 more feline-safe plants cats love! Read More ▶

Man on Trial After Cat-Kicking Video Went Viral: Will There be Justice for King? UPDATE ON CASE

If you haven t seen this now viral video, be warned it s hard to watch. A young man bends down and extending his hand… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Kitten Hood: Man Steals $185,000 Worth of Cash and Jewels, Spends it On Stray Cats

After a yearlong spree, Kitten Hood, Mamoru Demizu is being charged with 32 counts of burglary he committed not for personal gain or greed, but… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Study: Cat Ownership Increases a Man's Attractiveness Say Women

Dateless this past St. Valentines, guys? A purring feline companion may improve your luck! Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Multi-Cat Home: Understanding (and Keeping Peace!) in the Feline Hierarchy

Toms, and queens, and alphas - oh my! Keeping peace in your pride is easier when you understand the dynamics of a feline hierarchy: Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Kitty Holiday Guide: Cool Gifts for Cats and Cat Lovers

They brighten our days make us laugh and comfort us when we re feeling down. We re constantly sharing stories and photos of them with… Read More ▶

The Five Smallest Cat Breeds in The World

Live in a small space? Looking for a cat that stays small like a kitten? One of these 10 cat breeds might be just what… Read More ▶

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