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August 29, 2011 at 12:44 PMComments: 10 Faves: 0

If you are trying to save money......

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I am not sure if you are like this, but if you are trying to save money through out the month.  I have found something that you may want to try, not only does it save you money but is actually a little exercise also.  That would be hanging your clothes and towels outside on a line! 

At the beginning of our warm weather or anytime the sun was shinning I would get the laundry ready to hang outside on the line (putting up a clothes line out is very inexpensive).  I remember as a child my mom doing the same thing, I would love how the towels and clothes would smell so fresh after being out on the line.  I feel the same way today.  It does take more time, but I think it is so worth it.  The money you will be saving, our monthly electric bill would range any where from $300 a month to $250, and my husband just told me that it is down to $175 since we have been hanging out our clothes.  In turn that made him happy, because we are just trying to manager our money properly, trying to find different ways to save money on different things throughout the month.   

That was so exciting to me on how much money we are saving, so on the days that it rains my husband put a temporary line in our basement to hang up stuff that would weigh heavier in the dryer and  that would take more time to dry which in turn would cost us more money. 

As for me being the person that is hanging up the clothes and towels, I find it very relaxing, I guess that is my quite time with no interruptions. 

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  • Thanks for posting this, Julie. It's amazing how much you saved on your electric bill!

    My husband and I have a clothesline at the house we are renting, but we barely use it.
    Well, one of the reasons is because the line that was originally on there was old and had been kept out during the winter. We started renting in May, so the previous renters before us must have not used it and left it out there. So, when we tried to put clothes on it this spring, it snapped!

    We did buy new rope and it was very inexpensive. I think it was around $10 for two large ones, which is worth it. Especially, from how much you said you saved on energy bills!

    Even though I did a lot of laundry this weekend, it's never-ending and we've got a another pile building up. I will take your advice and hang it up on the line!

  • I love putting our towels, sheets and bath rugs...I hope that you will see savings along with loving how they come out! Good Luck :)

  • Sheets and comforters are the best to hang outside. Our gas dryer would run for over an hour to dry our flannel sheets, and they would still be damp where they roll into a ball. Hang them on the line... done is a half hour, sometimes less if it's a little breezy. Nothing makes the comforter smell fresh like draping it over some lawn chairs on the back deck for a few hours!

  • I totally agree with you sprouty, it does not take long at all when it is breezy outside!

  • Thanks for the advice about comforters! I've had that same problem, Seth. There is one comforter that just reeks of mildew right now and I've re-washed it and tried putting it in the dryer several times. I will put it out on the line! What an easy solution!

  • My mom does this too! She has me help bring out the clothes and checking on them after a while. It can be a bit of a work out carrying the baskets up the stairs to go outside and then of course bringing them back in! It is worth it though, I really do love the smell of the blankets and towels too. Not only were we saving money, but I enjoyed spending the time with my mom, she just seems to make everything a little more fun.

  • Carmen that is awesome, I use to love hanging stuff for and with my mom!

  • I do that too.

  • Thank you for sharing this Julie. It seem like it was right on time because our dryer went out last night. of course we plan to fixed it,but in the mean time will be hanging the laundry i hope it does not rain.

  • What an idea, now days with dryer sheets and all we are pushed to dry our clothes in the machine which does indeed cost more money! I can remember my mom hung clothes out to dry on the line. Back then with 7 people in the house it was quite a chore and no fun! I remember taking the stuff down and it would be stiff! Yes STIFF! I was happy when we started to use a dryer because everything came out soft.

    I don't have a place for a line right now but it's still a great idea thanks for the money saving thought!

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