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How Digital Marketing Is Impacting Hotel Industry — an article on the Smart Living Network
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How Digital Marketing Is Impacting Hotel Industry


Digital Marketing has Already revolutionized many industries and the hotel industry is not an exception to it. The online budgets have become more directed towards business growth. Traveling has become cheaper for an average person. Millions of people travel to their favorite destinations throughout the year. Intense competition in the market is SEO Agency India in a new shape towards the hotel industry.

Giving the travelers a number of options to make their journey enjoyable with the stay of the hotel of their choice. Today there are a number of platforms where you can promote your hotel. You can't afford to miss these platforms if you want to boost your business.

Here are the platforms where you can promote your hotels to achieve your desired ROI

Google Ads:

When it comes to digital marketing for hotels, there is no other platform than Google ads that helps you promote your brand in the most effective way through various campaigns. Google has launched its new feature called hotel ads in 2018. These Ads essentially show the hotel name, price and ratings of the hotel just below search ads. These ads give very brief insights into the hotels. People are also leveraging the power of dynamic re-marketing ads to target exactly the same hotels to people who have visited their website or specific web pages.

There also other advertising tools like Google search advertising where you target your customers on the basis of potential keywords around that particular area. You can also use display advertising to target on the basis of interests and behaviors. So re-marketing is a powerful tool being used by advertisers to boost the hotel bookings.

Website SEO:

More than a million travelers are using the search engines to search for the potential hotels of their choice. These figures are growing constantly year by year. With the use of on-page search engine optimization techniques, it enables you to get a higher rank for your businesses by using certain keywords. This unpaid strategy has a long-lasting impact on the website rankings. Here are the some best SEO strategy for Hotel businesses.

Keeping a mobile-friendly page is an essential element in SEO because more than 50% of the travelers search for accommodations on smart-phones. So if your page is not mobile friendly you might lose many bookings from local people nearby. As far as marketing for hotels is concerned SEO should always be considered as a top priority as getting your bookings organically.

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