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Engagement Rings Online Buying Guide

By Thomas Ervin More Blogs by This Author

The online jewelry market is growing very fast. Every year, more and more people buy their jewelry, diamonds and precious stones online. The Internet often offers a much larger variety of products at the lowest prices available. Finding a good deal is important when it comes to engagement rings. And a personalized engagement ring makes the proposal special. When the ring is unique, so is the proposal.
The classic engagement ring, also known as a solitaire engagement ring, is made of a single diamond and a metal setting (usually gold or platinum). Finding an environment that you love is the first step in the decision process. Once the setting is selected, you can search for a (certified) diamond or a colorful gemstone that meets the rest of the budget.
So ... how much should my budget be?
Engagement rings are special in that they symbolize the strength of the relationship, which is priceless. Also, the engagement ring is the only piece of jewelry that a woman wears all the time, unlike other pieces of jewelry. The first thing to do in your search for the right ring is to set the budget. In most circles, it is customary to spend at least two months of salary. Aside from quantity, we strongly recommend that you focus on quality and value for your budget.
Choose the ring configuration
If you are planning a secret proposal, it could be a challenge to choose the ring you would like. First, choose a metal. Our advice is to choose between 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold and platinum. Platinum is more expensive of the three because it is rarer.
The next step is to decide on the style of the ring. Choose one of the following engagement rings Toronto styles: Solitaire Setting, Three Stone Setting, Side Stone Setting, and Matching Band Setting. Finding the fit is the first step between two: now find the right stone!
Choose the correct stone
At Israel-Diamonds we offer a wide variety of high quality certified diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.
Diamonds and gemstones come in a variety of colors. If it's not set to stone type or color, look for a stone with the color you love. The traditional colors of the precious stones are: Emerald - Green, Sapphire - Blue, Ruby - Red. However, pink diamonds are also very popular.
The shape and weight of the stones will greatly influence the appearance of the ring. When choosing the stone, keep in mind the settings of the selected ring to make sure they will go together. Regarding the value of the diamond: there are a few more scales that determine the value of the stone: clarity, cut, carat (weight) and color.
Choose the right jewelry box
This could be the most important advice we give here. Many of our clients find us after being dissatisfied with other jewelers. After more than 20 years in the diamond and gemstone industry, we know the importance of quality and value for money.
Be wary of jewelers you are unsure about and spend some extra time researching both retailers and pricing before making your purchase. Read testimonials, find a phone number, or chat live. Getting in touch with the jeweler's website before buying is a very important step in learning more about them and deciding whether to trust them.

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