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Catching a Movie without Losing Your Life Savings

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Price Hike!

Going to the movies has been a primary pastime of average American folks since before the Great Depression. It’s such a part of our culture, the idea of "Dinner and a Movie" has even become a little cliché. But just think, without the old standby, where would people go on first dates? There isn’t always a lot to do in a small town; ice cream shops are only open for so long, and most of them are usually seasonal. Arcades aren’t a great option, either. You don’t want to take your prettied-up young lass to hang out in a locale reminiscent of your parents’ basement.

Almost everyone can recall the name of their local movie theater, but also the outrageous prices associated with the experience. Watching a flick at the theater has gone up in price over the years, but the price of the snacks in the lobby is equally outrageous, if not more so. You could avoid the theater altogether, but what kind of a life is that? A life lived watching movies in rooms without giant bright screens and balanced sound. A life without teens trying to find a hand to hold in the dark. A life without sticky floors and enticing movie trailers. In short, no life at all, my friends.

Pinchin' Pennies

Here are some tips for  cost down in the comfy seats:

Also, If you just want to see a move with a companion, and you aren’t too picky about the film, you should consider a less traditional screening. During the summer, you can often find movies being shown in public parks and gardens for the low, low price of... free. But be warned, any film in a public place will likely be kid friendly (no Goodfellas or Pulp Fiction). But when you don’t even have to pay to get in, the cost of popcorn doesn’t sound so bad. That said, in some cases, you may have to bring your own.

On a similar note, some performance theaters will screen classic movies for a discount rate when they don’t have another even scheduled. It could be worth your while to check any performance halls in your area to see if they have any films scheduled.

There you have it, your budget night life is restored! Full discretion, gentlemen: I’m fairly certain girls don’t like it when you ask to hold their hand.

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