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May 28, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 1

30-Day Money Makeover - Part 3

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This Author

Okay, you've entered the home-stretch of your 15-step challenge for your 30-Day Money Makeover! Here are your final 5 challenges!

Bottled Water

11. Bottled Water? Yes, purchasing plastic bottled water adds up, plus the damage to our environment is astronomical. Savings = $.50 - $3 per bottle (BONUS: feeling good that you aren't contributing to growing waste)


12. iPad, iPhone, iPod users listen up! NO PURCHASING Apps, music, movies, or anything of that nature for 30 days. Yes, I know this may be a hard one, but you can do this! Savings = $.99 - $100 (varies per user)


13. Before going grocery shopping, create a shopping list, clip coupons, and eat before you shop. Also, stick to your list, no purchasing unnecessary items. Savings = $10 - $50 per shopping trip


14. Carpool, or take the city bus! This could potentially be a HUGE gas saver! Carpooling to work alone can help save big bucks on those always rising gas prices. Savings $25 - $100 per week


15. Hanging with friends can be very expensive, so plan ahead and invite them over for a game night! Think card, board, or video games for the evening, instead of going out on the town. Savings = $15 - $100 per night out

Did any of the 15 challenges help you save? Did you get creative and come up with your own? If yes, what were they? Was this challenge easy or difficult to implement in your daily life?

I hope these small easy tips gave you a way to think differently on how you spend your money. Happy Savings!

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