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May 21, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

30-Day Money Makeover - Part 2

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This Author

Ok, it is week 2 of our 30-day long challenge to help reshape our spending habits! How did week 1 work out for you? Were you able to apply any of the savvy saving tips or did you come up with your own?

Week 2 is upon us, and here are 5 more challenges to build up your savings!

Mani or Pedi

6. No manicure, pedicure, or hair appointments. Do a self manicure, pedicure, and recruit a friend to give you a hair trim, if needed. Savings = $10 - $150


7. Host a Dinner Party! Instead of going out to dinner with your friends, stay in, and invite them over for a dinner party at your house (have everyone bring a dish to pass and their own beverages). Savings = $30 - $100


8. Store Coupons – watch out! They are calling your name to shop, but hold on. No shopping for 30 days! You can do it! Savings = $15 - $100 per visit

Fast Food

9. Fast Food Drive-Thru, whoa, put those brakes on! Instead, look at what is in your fridge and make dinner. Savings = $5 - $15 per visit

Gas Pump

10. Running Errands = Burns Gas – YIKES! Plan your route and errand list. Avoid making left turns frequently (which is time consuming and burns unnecessary gas). Stick to only running errands one day a week instead of every day. Savings = $5 - $20 per week

Next week - Part 3 will conclude with the final 5 saving tips to end this 30-day challenge on a winning note!

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