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May 14, 2013 at 3:00 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

30-Day Money Makeover - Part 1

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This Author

Are you looking for some savvy saving tips on how to build your savings? Try these simple challenges, and watch your savings grow in 30 days!

The first step is to think positive and to start with small steps. Second, take this process one day at a time. Meaning, choose a challenge below and only do one for that day, and then add one the next day, and so on. Third, setup a jar/can (have fun decorating it) that you can deposit the money you would have spent at the end of the day into. Fourth, get ready to watch your savings grow. You may be shocked to find out how much you spend in a month.

Set up a small cash budget of what you will spend in 30 days. Using cash only, file away all your credit cards and checkbooks in a safe place. This cash budget should include gas, groceries, and any other type of miscellaneous spending. Once the cash runs out, you have to wait until your 30 days is up to withdraw more, so plan, and spend, wisely.

I’ve outlined a 15-step sample routine in a 3 part series. With every new day present yourself with a similarly new, budgetary challenge. These can be as minor as skipping the vending machines at work, or doing some extra coupon clipping from the Sunday paper. Feel free to use my suggestions or create your own based on your unique lifestyle.

The most important component of this experiment is persistence. Don’t attempt the challenge listed on Day One and then disregard it entirely once you’ve successfully completed it. Instead, teach yourself to consistently incorporate these new money-saving methods into your daily routine so that, by the end of the experiment, you'll have over a dozen useful budgeting techniques. The goal is to completely change the way you think about your spending by gaining discipline and persistence, which will be established through ceaseless repetition of your chosen challenges.

Let the challenge begin, ready, set, start – N-O-W!!


1. Wake up, and get your coffee on! Instead of running through the drive-thru at Starbucks and easily dropping money into their account, brew extra coffee in the morning to take with you. Savings = $5 per visitBrown Bag

2. Brown Bag it! Bring a sandwich, leftovers from dinner, a snack, and even a drink to work. Sit with a friend, and enjoy your free lunch. Savings = $10 per dayMovie

3. Movie Time! Don’t even think about going, instead go to your local library and check out a movie there. It is FREE! Savings = $15 (this includes ticket, popcorn, and pop) per visit/personVending Machine

4. Vending Machine no more, skip the candy bar and soda breaks at work! Savings = $3 - $5 per visitSmokes

5. Smoking, alright smokers don’t glare at me yet; just don’t buy a pack for 30 days. Depending on your smoking habit, this could be a HUGE savings! Savings $7 - $8 per pack

Part 2 will include 5 more easy savvy saving tips to help get your savings account growing!

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  • Great list! It's so I'm the guilty party of all these at work beside number 5. I feel like some of these we're targeted at me. Great list!

  • Yes, Grasshopper, you were my inspiration! Thank you!

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