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The 6 Keys to an Unforgettable Movie Quote

After analyzing 1000 popular movie scripts, researchers have found out just what makes a great movie quote. Turns out there… ▶ Read More

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Viagra, a medical Holy Grail for men with problems in the sexual arena was approved by the FDA over 18 years ago. Since that time… Read More ▶
The "Female Viagra" - What Does it Do and How Well Does it Really Work?
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Some Women Need More Than A Mammogram - Do You?
I celebrated a birthday last weekend. While it was a day with neither the birthday song nor a cake with candles, it was one of… Read More ▶
The Circle of Life: Caring For Our Parents
The market for wearable devices is now running. The wearable Smart watches are used to make calls. The shipment is exceeding 19 million units according… Read More ▶
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As a doctor, I prescribe medications to patients most every day. It's something that I take very seriously. After all, a substance taken in the… Read More ▶
Pharmacogenomics: When A Treatment Fails To Deliver, A Cheek-Swab DNA Test May Reveal the Solution!
You may be the biggest neat freak on the planet, but if you re not mindful of your home s ductwork, there may be plenty… Read More ▶
What May Be Living in Your Ducts
It's late spring here in Michigan. Like many northern states the sap flows in torrents from maple trees earlier in the spring and begins the… Read More ▶
7 Medicinal Benefits of Maple Syrup
Have you ever thought that the home or business decor you choose could actually have an impact on your health and well being? Read More ▶
Benefits of Indoor Water Fountains
Mindfulness therapy it's what everyone is talking about in the medical community as a means to treat depression and improve psychological well-being. What is mindfulness… Read More ▶
Mindfulness Therapy: CBT Adapted for Depression Reduces Relapse by 43%! Could MBCT help you?

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