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Left or Right? Why Some Smart People Confuse Them

Left or right? It's not about intelligence. Some very smart people confuse the two. Here's why. ▶ Read More

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Mushrooms: their delicious as food, they've been used as weapons of assassination and they played a magical role in the hippie revolution. Medical science, ancient… Read More ▶
Mushrooms In Medicine
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When Life Changes
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The pendulum of medicine has swung again toward reversing some exciting research associations that have been generally embraced over the past several years. Now, the… Read More ▶
Spilled Milk: New Data Casts Doubt on Vitamin D
For many of us, it's time to eat better and lower cholesterol. A staple in cholesterol-lowering initiatives has always been oatmeal. It works, and now… Read More ▶
Study: AVE - the Oat Chemical - May Be The Secret to a Healthy Heart!
I love chocolate. Maybe its chocolate's use as a reward in my childhood or maybe its just the fact that it tastes wonderful. Maybe this… Read More ▶
Great Doctor-Sanctioned Excuses to Eat More Chocolate
The intention of this blog is to shed a bit more light in this dim practice of pharmaceutical lawsuit advertising and the negative impact it… Read More ▶
Risky Medicine: Pharmaceutical Lawsuit Advertising
Is this a case of a bad cat or of bad cat care? Read More ▶
Lux the Attack Cat: Family Trapped By Cat Calls 911 - But Who's Really to Blame?
We have created a culture in medical care today where any sort of risk seems unacceptable. I wonder who will be left standing, caring for… Read More ▶
Too Risky to Help? How Lawsuit Culture Changed Health Care

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