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April 18, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

You Only Have One Face Part 2

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This Author

Last week, I discussed how smoking, sun-bathing, and our eating habits contribute to the health of our face.

This week I would like to look at topics that can be sometimes taboo. Facial hair, blemishes, too much makeup, and a lack of cleaning our face can add years.

As we continue to fight the battle of keeping the Fountain of Youth in our corner, here are some other areas to consider fine-tuning, if needed.

Hair Removal

Facial Hair

Yes, ladies I am going there! Facial hair is very aging. Typically, it grows along the cheek, chin, and mouth area. For some women, facial hair can start growing in our twenties and thirties, and may be caused by hormonal changes, aging, having children, and more.

Prevention: None, but you can take measures to remove unwanted facial hair. Laser treatment, waxing, shaving, removal products, and other treatments may help.


Picking at Blemishes

The desire sometimes wins out in the battle of to pick or to not pick. I opt to not pick anymore. I am not a dermatologist, but I have had my share of visits to them. They always threw up a hand, and gave me the STOP sign when it came to picking. Like many other females, I know the temptation is too strong, and I succumbed to the picking process. Thus leaving scars in the wake. Now, many years later, I finally have my acne under control, but the scarring is evidence of the damage I did by picking at my blemishes. Sadly, this is not a quick fix to remove the scarring damage, nor is it cheap.

Prevention: Don't pick! If you have severe acne or a cyst, please visit with a dermatologist to help get your acne under control. Use appropriate treatments, avoid the sun and tanning beds (which causes severely dry skin and flare ups), and eat healthy.


Lack of Washing and Moisturizing

One thing my mom taught me, when I was a young girl playing with makeup, is the importance of taking off what one puts on in the beginning of the day. Ever since I was a young teenager, I have always washed my face before bedtime as well as adding a hydrating moisturizer to replenish my skin's moisture. Think of it this way, our makeup acts like a barrier throughout the day, preventing pollutants from reaching our natural skin. However, it also works as an entrapment to these pollutants. Do you really want to go to bed with dirt, dust, and oil encased on your skin? Leaving makeup on hinders our skins ability to repair, breathe, and rejuvenate. Plus, by not washing every night, it can cause pores to stay clogged which can increase acne issues.

Prevention: Simply wash your face every night before going to bed, and include a deep facial moisturizer to re-hydrate your skin.


Too Much Makeup

Ladies, the saying goes less is best, and it stands true for makeup as well. Too much bronzer and bright colors can easily age a person 10 years. If you are unsure if your makeup techniques are aging you, consult a professional makeup artist. They can offer some fantastic tips on color matching, what colors suit you best, and pinpointing your facial accent. No matter your age, it is important to be more natural and subtle with your makeup unless you are a professional performer.


  • Don't HIGHLIGHT everything on your face. Pick one; lips, eyes, or cheeks, keep everything else natural.
  • Don't USE TOO MUCH BRONZER. Looking orange or over-tan is very aging.
  • Don't forget TO BLEND. Blend in your foundation because makeup lines along the jawline are an indication of too much, or the wrong color.
  • Don't forget to BLOT YOUR LIPSTICK. Lipstick on teeth is very unattractive and proves it was overdone on the lips.
  • Don't USE EVERY COLOR in your eyeshadow compact. Minimize by selecting two, or just one.
  • Don't be AFRAID to consult with a professional makeup artist.

Next week we will take a look at the final three things that can cause havoc to our face and skin.


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