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Why Purity Matters with Skin Care Serums

By Nicky Bella More Blogs by This Author

Have you ever taken a walk down the streets and came bumped into someone with an amazing skin that had you going wow, I wish I had such a skin? Well, the good news is that having a great skin doesnt entirely depend on your genetics. Daily skincare habits can revolutionize your skin and make it glow to levels you never imagined. Besides moisturizers, toners, and cleansers, adding skincare serums to your daily skincare routine can help you get a gorgeous-looking skin.

What are Skin Care Serums?

Skincare serums are products that contain active ingredients with the ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin for amazing results. They can either be water or oil-based. There are 6 different types of skincare serums, namely; anti-aging, hydrating, skin brightening, exfoliating, acne-fighting, and reparative and renewing serums. Some of the benefits of skincare serums include;

  • They help reduce the visible signs of skin aging (though the use of a dermaroller for this is on the rise).
  • Boost the production of collagen, which strengthens the skin.
  • They help to keep the skin hydrated with the hyaluronic acid for skin acting as a humectant.
  • They can help in minimizing dark spots under the eyes.
  • They may also help in soothing red and irritating skin.
  • Help in preventing hyperpigmentation.
  • Serums also contribute to the repair of damaged skin and speed up the healing process.

Serums contain high levels of ingredients such as vitamins and essential acids that are nourishing to the skin. Besides the benefits mentioned above, serums can also help you manage the breakout of acne by limiting the production of sebum.

However, serums are only effective when used according to the product instructions and with the advice of your dermatologist. If used in excess, you might experience skin irritation, itching, and rashes. It is also not advisable to use two different types of skin serums at the same time.

Why Purity Is Important

It is very important for serums to be pure. This is so that they can maintain their small molecules and be able to penetrate deeper into the skin for better results. If they were to have large molecules, they wouldnt be able to go beyond the first layer of the skin and their effectiveness would be minimal.

For active ingredients such as the minerals and vitamins to be effective and to feel their healing effects, they need to be deposited into the deep underlying tissues of the skin. Otherwise, they would be limited to the first layer and only be able to provide the skin with hydration and moisture. Additionally, impurities would lower the concentration of these ingredients in the serum.

Pure skincare serums are also faster-acting, and the results are more satisfactory compared to serums that are contaminated with impurities.

How to Choose the Best Serum for Your Skin

To a large extent, the type of serum to go for will depend on your skin type and the benefits you intend to derive from the serum. Your needs determine the best serum product for you. For example, vit c serum is best for acne-prone skin. Always consult your dermatologist before settling for a particular skincare serum. Always remember that pure serum is the best skin care serum.

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