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Well-known Myths v/s Facts about Real Hair Wigs, You Must Know about!

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A wig doesnt just a way to conceal the baldness, but its a valuable investment in the self-confidence of the wearer. However, many people dont welcome this idea and dont prefer wearing wigs. The reason is several myths associated with it. And, quite often, people believe myths instantly instead of knowing about the facts related to real hair wigs. Today, we will aware of you regarding all the points of real hair wigs besides summing up with the leading tips you should consider before purchasing and caring for real hair wigs.

So, are you ready to enter the world of wig secrets? Get all here!

Famous Myths & Facts

Myth: It will get show up quickly that youve worn a wig!

Fact: No one can judge that you have worn a wig, especially real hair wig. Its a prevalent myth that people can easily decide, or it gets showed up that you have worn a wig on your head. But the fact is, the precision, quality, and accuracy of real hair wigs never betray you. It doesnt let you look fake in any way. Not just the standard colors, even if you resort to a colorful wig, then people will never gauge whether you have used a wig or have colored your tresses.

Myth: Fitting issues will always be there!

Fact: This is not true at all. The user doesnt feel any fitting issues as firstly while purchasing the user will check the wig size, and after that, you can take the advice of professionals. The tools they have to make the right measurement of the head and, after that accordingly, guide the user in picking the right one. Even required wig adjustments can also be made by them to create the right fit.

Myth: No pony-tail styling in real hair wig

Fact: You can do any hair-style with real hair wig. By applying the right techniques, you can easily do pony style with it. Besides having correct wig grip, picking light-weight wig, and proper mixing to create an excellent pony look.

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Myth: Maintenance of the wig is quite tough

Fact: Well, maintenance of everything is important to keep it in the original position. The same formula applies to real hair wigs too. But that doesnt mean it is quite tough to do so. These wigs need pretty little maintenance. Its too simple to care & maintain it, and we will share the top tips with you too for its complete care. You can use any styling option as well by keeping it in the correct position.

Myth: Options are Limited in Real Hair Wigs

Fact: The options are limitless. So, this myth is also wrong. You can get as many options as you want in terms of textures, colors, styles, and all. These high-quality wigs give you a look that you want by offering infinite options to you and letting you style your hair besides getting a real & amazing look.

What Things Should You Consider While Purchasing and Caring for a Real Hair Wig?
Ultimate Tips to Purchase Right Real Hair Wig!

  • Though inexpensive human hair wigs are there, its good to go for expensive wigs because they will bestow you with the highest possible quality with lower maintenance. So, surf out all the options first and opt for an expensive wig, if possible.
  • Buy that wig that fits your head the most. This would be possible only if you are purchasing offline. Of course, the online options are good, but you cant get a chance to try the wig to check whether it fits your head or not.
  • While purchasing, consider the shape of your face. A longer hair wig would be perfect for a square-shaped face, and curly hair wig would best suit the oblong-shaped face. An oval-shaped face can use any wig style as all sorts of wigs will perfectly suit their personality.
  • Your skin tone, natural hair & eye color also impact your decision on buying a wig. Match your wig with your eyebrows and skin tone, as this will best guide your purchasing decision. So you can choose the one that best contrasts with the facial features and color dimensions.

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  • While purchasing, match the wig as per asymmetry to your head and face. The position of your ears and forehead shaping are imperative to consider while opting for a wig.
  • Hair placement is another important aspect. Consider the part of your hair where you are going to place the wig. If you wear fringes around your face, then you need to purchase the one that has hair-placed within those directions. By doing so, you will be able to cut the fringes suiting your previous style.

Ultimate Tips to Take Proper Care of Real Hair Wig!

  • Real hair wigs are not ready to use instantly after bringing out of the box. You need to wash & rinse it in the desired way before styling or wearing it.
  • Hot water can thoroughly damage your wig. Dont use it!
  • To dry up the wig after washing it, dont use a mannequin head or a solid form; instead, use a wig stand to avoid stretching the wig cap.
  • While wearing the wig, dont prefer swimming, showering, sleeping
  • Dont brush the air when it is wet.
  • Washing and conditioning of a real hair wig are required to be done by following the proper guidelines and conditions.
  • Never do coloring or perming or any other chemical processes to keep the wig in its original position.

How Real Hair Wigs can Prove Useful for Cancer Patients?

There are a plethora of individuals facing life challenges in the face of cancer. The tough time they go through gives them a physical personality challenge, too, wherein they have to lose their hair. But no worries, when you have real human hair wigs. This disease necessitates wearing wigs for cancer patients. These human hair wigs give a completely natural look just as their hair can bestow them with.

Even they will have some fun by having a unique and new styling look. Even hairdressers can help you get a new look right away. These real hair wigs are, of course, one sort of relaxation to the cancer patients and built up their confidence by retaining their look even while fighting this dangerous disease. So every penny that you spend on buying a wig is surely an investment in courage & strength deep inside you.
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