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Treatment for Acne Scars  Choose the Treatment as Per the Severity of the Acne — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Treatment for Acne Scars Choose the Treatment as Per the Severity of the Acne


You have a love-hate relationship with acne. Everyone encounter with acne at some point (usually puberty) in their life. Many people suffer from acne for their whole life and also get scars from them. Acne scars are not easy to remove. This article is about the best acne removal treatment.

  1. Over the counter treatments

a.Retinol creams or ointments

Retinol is widely used to treat acne and related scars. This chemical helps your skin to regenerate faster and also makes your skin texture even and makes the scars less visible. Retinol can be allergic to sensitive skin and hence be careful while using it. It makes your skin more sensitive. Hence, apply sunscreen whenever you step out in the sun.

b.Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids are one of the common ingredients in OTC anti-acne creams or lotions. AHA removes dead skin which clogs the pores. Clogged pores are one of the most common causes of acne. Besides that, this helps to minimize acne scars. It also exfoliates the outer layer of the skin and makes the skin smoother and even in colour.

2.Treatment from healthcare specialist or beauty clinic

If you feel that OTC treatments are not working, then you can visit any skincare specialist or special beauty and aesthetic clinic to get rid of your acne scars. These treatments are better than in-home treatments. Some popular methods are-

a.Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is great if you want a solution from acne and scars. Salicylic peeling is thebest skin peel for acne scars. This process uses salicylic acid to peel the skin. The salicylic acid kills acne-causing bacteria. It also helps to make the oil balance normal. Excessive facial oils are the main cause of acne. Hence, it prevents acne. For the scars, peeling removes the rough layer skin and brings out the smoother skin layer hidden underneath.


If your skin has a lot of acne scars which have made your skin uneven then you can consider fillers. Usually, collagen (artificial or natural) collagen, or your fat; or any commercial filler is used to fill the scars. This makes the skin even and smoother. Usually, fillers last till one year and you need to go to the health care provider to redo the process.


Often doctors recommend injections to treat the acne-prone patents. Interferon or fluorouracil and some other chemicals are injected to the skin of the patient. Usually, there are multiple doses and it may take a few weeks for complete treatment.

d.Laser resurfacing

It is another method that gives great result if you want to minimize your acne scars. Laser resurfacing removes the top layer of the skin like chemical peeling but offers faster results. You need to cover your skin with bandages till you skin heals totally. It is among the most effective acne scar treatment.

So if you are suffering from acne or the scars from acne you need to choose the methods for treatment as per the severity of the scars. You must also find the best acne scar treatment centre and get your treatment as per the specialists there.

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