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Top Skincare Tips After Laser Hair Removal


Girls hate unwanted hair growth in their body and leave no stones unturned for getting rid of it for once and all. Well, shaving, waxing, and threading are old ways. Girls are looking for something more stable and reliable. Laser hair removal is a promising and advanced new technique that helps you bid adieu to your unwanted friend that keeps returning after certain interval.

However, it not as easy as it looks. It is not that you can take a laser treatment and you are done with it. Laser hair removal is a long procedure that demands a lot of commitment. You need to take a lot of care of your skin post the treatment for the best results.

If you are unaware of what you need to do in post-procedure for your skin, well worry not! I will put together all the tips in the blog so that you can take better care of your skin after getting laser hair removal in Los Angeles.

So, lets go!

Avoid sprays or fake tans for at least one week

Getting a fake tan is not recommended for at least 2 weeks after you have laser hair removal treatment, as the chemicals involved could damage your skin or stain it. Wait until you are fully healed before using a spray tan or a tanning cream, to avoid any potential side effects.

Avoid the harsh rays of the sun

It can be difficult to completely avoid the sun after the treatment, and we understand that. However, we advise our clients to do their best. If you need to be in the sun for an extended time, make sure youve covered up the treated areas as well as possible.

I would also recommend using sunscreen should you need to be out in the sun. Use a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30.I would also recommend that you continue to use it for ongoing maintenance to take proper care of your skin. Make sure to apply a good amount on your skin.

Dont remove any hair outbreaks you see!

After your treatment, avoid plucking, tweezing, or waxing out any hairs that you see. Doing this will remove the hair from its shaft and will make it difficult for the laser to pick it up during your next treatment. This is vital to laser hair removal aftercare.

Keep your skin hydrated

This is important both pre-treatment and post-treatment. Before your treatment, keep your skin clear of sun exposure for a week, and make sure its clean, moisturized, and exfoliated properly.

Then, after treatment, you should avoid the application of any makeup, deodorant, or topical creams for at least 24 hours. Then, you can begin your normal skincare routine. Exfoliate your skin very gently, and apply a moisturizing sunscreen to protect it. Go easy on the products wait until your skin has fully healed, in about 2 weeks, to go back to your normal, day-to-date routine.

These are some of the tips that you must take care of, or else it will be of no use even if you visit the best laser hair removal in Los Angeles.

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