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Lets Bust The Myths Around Laser Hair Removal!


We women have one common issue and that is unwanted hair outbreaks. Of course, we try all sorts of things from razors, waxing, plucking and threading among others. Sadly, all these are temporary methods and you can never say a final goodbye to these unwanted hair outbreaks.

However, nowadays laser hair removal has become quite famous among women as it promises to get rid of the hair permanently. Still, it is slowly gaining recognition and not many people have many ideas about it.

It has lead to all sorts of myths around this technological and innovative treatment. In this blog, I will bust all these myths around Laser hair removal.

So, just grab a coffee and enjoy reading!

Myth: Hair comes back!

After laser hair removal in Burbank laser center, most people can put down the razors, toss out the toxic removal creams, and kiss ingrown hairs goodbye for several months, years, or indefinitely. Each patient differs in the number of hair follicles that are totally removed and how many hairs grow back. Hormones and medications can play a role in hair regrowth as well. Laser hair removal is usually referred to as semi-permanent and often if hair does grow back, its less dark and thick than it was before.

Myth: Every laser technician works in the same style!

Experienced and skilled laser technicians can make all the difference, especially if your skin tone or hair color is not ideal for laser hair removal. Length of treatment, discomfort during the procedure, and ideal results can be affected by the level of expertise and experience of your practitioner.

Myth: it is not a safe procedure

Laser hair removal safety is dependent on the laser system that is used. FDA has recommended and approved hair removal systems that are safe to use. It is always recommended to go to certified Dermatologists who are using an FDA approved system to avoid problems during and after the laser hair removal process.

Myth: This treatment is just for women

It used to be that hair removal was strictly a female thing. Not so anymore. More and more men are opting for laser hair removal to get finer and lighter hair. Beard shaping, chest, neck, back, arms, etc for men.

Myth: You can get this treatment in Beauty salons!

Laser hair removal can go very wrong and lead to irreversible damages like scarring if done by an untrained individual with substandard machines. The best way is to talk to a certified dermatologist hair laser removal near me. Using the wrong laser or the wrong settings can lead to discoloration of your skin, failure of the laser to work, pain and redness, and even scarring.

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