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Keep Your Body Regular With Licorice Root

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Licorice Root: An Introduction

Licorice root is obtained from the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra. It is in the same family as the pea plant, and is native to parts of Europe and Asia. The root of this plant is most commonly used and associated with a variety of health benefits.

Licorice Root: Description

The plant, Glycyrrhiza glabra, typically grows to heights of 3-4 feet upon maturation. It is made of woody stalks with large, long, narrow green leaves. It is accompanied by numerous flowers resembling an ash tree. The flowers look similar to pea blossoms, noted typically to be pale blue in color. The plant is associated with large roots that branch into smaller roots. It requires very moist soil and is commonly located near prominent sources of water. It is these roots that are typically associated and utilized as herbal remedies. These plants must be allowed a maturation period of at least three years before use.

Licorice Root: The History

Licorice root has been utilized throughout history by many cultures; Chinese, Greeks, Hindus, and Egyptians. It was used by Hippocrates to prevent thirst. Licorice was valued to the extent that many Egyptian pharaohs were buried with adequate supply for the afterlife. The Chinese utilized licorice root to restore and ensure vitality. It was also used for treatment of ailments in horses. It also has specific qualities that were used in the creation of tablets, as it has properties that provide stiffness and adhesion. Today, it is used as a flavoring for many substances including candy, soda, desserts, meat products, and puddings.

Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root tea is associated with several benefits that improve overall health.

  • Relief of sore throat
  • Relief of cough
  • Digestion and urinary improvements
  • Menstrual cramp relief
  • Increased overall libido
  • Reduction of seasonal allergies
  • Reduction of congestion

Licorice Root Supplements

Licorice root supplements are associated with all of the above health improvements and more. It is true that these benefits are only correlations, and the scientific studies have yet to confirm the methods of how licorice root actually aids in overall health, if it is cause for improvements at all.

  • Reduction in arthritis pain and stiffness
  • Mild diuretic effects
  • Respiratory improvements
  • Bronchitis treatment
  • Minimizes cholesterol damage from LDL
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome improvements
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Eczema
  • Canker sores
  • Herpes
  • Peptic ulcer treatment
  • Cancer
  • Liver protection

Licorice Root and Regularity

As licorice root is associated with such a large variety of improved overall health benefits, it is known to regulate the body. This can be seen in overall digestive, respiratory, and immune system functioning. While scientific evidence has not been provided in such a manner as to scientifically conclude the effects, licorice root is still commonly used today in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle for an overall healthy life. This is typically achieved through use of a multivitamin or herbal supplement that contains licorice root additives in addition to an array of other natural products known to enhance specific functioning of certain biological systems within the body.

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