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Guide To Giving Great Wedding Gifts — an article on the Smart Living Network
December 8, 2019 at 6:35 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Guide To Giving Great Wedding Gifts


Finding a good gift for a couple that is getting married is a little challenging because both of them have to like it, and we all know that men and women have very different ideas as to what makes a good gift (a man might love to receive a tool set, while a women would probably not be impressed).

That could be why so many blenders and cutlery sets are given as wedding gifts. Well, here's a little advice on buying better couples gifts.

Going for Originality
If you want to be original without going overboard, here are some pointers. First buy gifts that are made for couples and considered traditional wedding gifts, just with a twist. Like an engraved wood photo album, or box album. They are great because they are unique and something the couple can immediately use. Or buy a bar set that is little more unique. One that comes in high lacquer box and can be engraved is more original than a simple corkscrew and stopper set.

Shopping the Discount Stores
Shopping a discount store for wedding gifts is not always a great idea. They do offer a decent selection but the items they sell are not a whole lot cheaper than items you could find at a specialty store, or online. They also do not tend to carry as many items so your choices are limited. When you buy at these stores you also have to factor in the chance that someone else has found exactly the same thing you have found.

Shopping Specialty Outlets
If you are going to shop an outlet you will have plenty of choices but you may pay more. The advantage is you can buy in person or on the internet. You will see that many online shops also give you the advantage of shopping by category. In fact, some offer a gifts for couples category that showcases some of their best ideas. It is one way to make finding a better gift a little easier.
You can't always rely on what's been given before, and you can't always make an educated guess about what they might want.

You will find that the best ideas come from your own experiences with the couple themselves. That's how they relate to you and that's how they know you best. When you give a gift like this it shows you remember and value their friendship.

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