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June 21, 2010 at 2:50 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Flossing Fights Signs of Aging Better than Plastic Surgery

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Flossing is one of those activities we tend to put aside in the corner, letting the concept collect dust. Our busy lives don't seem to allow for such a painstaking task as rubbing a thin strand of wax floss in between every one of our 32 teeth.

However, here's something that may help you remember to always floss daily, and it's not just another dental hygienist wagging a finger at you: Experts say flossing has the potential to fight the effects of aging in the long-term in much better ways than even plastic surgery. Who would've thought that taking care of your teeth by flossing can have a better effect and result on your looks than plastic surgery?

Between flossing and plastic surgery, flossing is the indomitable winner, and here's why: According to Dr. Eugene Antenucci, a dentist in Huntington, NY, and spokesperson for the Academy of General Dentistry, not flossing every day can leave 40% of your teeth surfaces caked with thick bacteria that causes staining and yellowing. An overgrowth of that plaque will lead to gingivitis, which if not treated can lead to periodontal disease. What does this have to do with aging? Periodontal disease can result in gum recession and bone loss. Antenucci states that you "register an older look because you see more spaces, less and uneven gum tissue."

It gets even worse than that, though; according to Dr. Donald S. Clem, a dentist in Fullerton, CA, gum disease is capable of eventually dissolving the actual bones underneath your teeth. Think about it and realize that's a serious issue. Because the bones are no longer there in your face, later stages of periodontal disease can result in such disfigurement as the caving in and wrinkles of lips and cheeks. Imagine what it looks like to be missing some of the bones in your jaw and know that not even plastic surgery could help you. A recent study done in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery found that bone loss in the jaw, eye sockets and cheeks effectively age people in ways not even cosmetic procedures can rectify. That's the big knockout against plastic surgery and why flossing ultimately wins the match.

When it comes to our health, we tend to want the easy way out. Certainly, easy steps are a welcome endeavor to a priority in health, and flossing can be a difficult habit to learn for some. But consider the alternative: over time, if your teeth deteriorate, you may see a person in the mirror who has no hope plastic surgery could provide. Your health, inevitably, is linked to how 'healthy' you look. So the question is put to you: how important are your good looks? Important enough to floss every day?


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