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February Beauty Review

By Claire Franklin More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Looking Good Blog Series

Winter wreaks havoc on my hair and skin. The former is naturally frizzy and unruly, and during the long, cold months of Michigan, when the air is fully depleted of moisture, it becomes dry and bristly. Meanwhile my skin turns tight and flaky, all but crying out for hydration. Body lotion and lip balm alike become my best friends, my constant companions. But is there more we can do than these simple, mundane measures to keep our appearances in tip-top shape while caring for our skin and hair?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Winter Hair Care

Wash It Less. Try a Leave-In Spray Conditioner. Deep Condition Once a Week.

We’ll start with hair, because it is perhaps the simplest to discuss. During the winter, your scalp produces fewer oils, rendering daily shampooing unnecessary. If you feel dirty, wear a shower cap while bathing, or just rinse your hair with warm water followed by conditioner.

Hair static can be a major bummer during the cold winter months. One suggestion is to apply a leave-in spray conditioner as soon as you get out of the shower, and use a medium setting when you're drying your hair with a blow dryer. If these methods still don't fix the problem, try a deep-moisturizing hair mask weekly. The cheapest solution would be to comb vitamin E oil through your hair at night to ensure silky smooth locks that won't frizz.

Winter Lip Care

Stop Licking! Get a Moisturizing Lipid Balm. Avoid Long-Lasting Lip Colors.

For lips, take care not to lick them. I know this is hard, because I catch myself licking mine around the clock in an effort to moisturize them. But this doesn’t solve anything and can even make damage harder to correct in the long run. And don’t worry about the old wives’ tale that warns you can become addicted to lip balm, because it’s simply not possible. Some balms, however, don’t do what they should, so the trick is to find one that hydrates. Look for those with lipids to help heal the barrier layer on your lips. Avoid "long-lasting lip color formulas" and make sure to stay hydrated to keep your skin well nourished.

Winter Moisturizing

Look for Humectants. Seek out Plant Oils.

Dry skin can be a little trickier to care for. With so many moisturizing products available on the market, it’s difficult to know which is right for your individual needs. To narrow your search, seek our moisturizers that have humectants (e.g. glycerin, hyaluronic acid, etc.) listed on the ingredients label. These ingredients take moisture from your surrounding an environment to nourish your skin. Also, check for plant oils like avocado and hazelnut to help seal in the moisture. One really affordable, really terrific product is the Dove Pro Age Body Cream Oil, which sells for only $7.99.

Winter Cleansing

Ditch the Foaming or Exfoliating Washes. Opt for Something Creamy.

As the weather turns colder, you’ll also want to examine your facial and body washes. If your skin is feeling chaffed, now is the time to make the switch from a rough exfoliating cleanser to a thicker, creamier one. Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Wash works wonders for my dry skin, and it's only $10.10 for a 22 oz. bottle. If you still want to exfoliate, be sure to stray from products that contain lactic acid and retinol, as they can be quite harsh on already delicate skin.

Winter Nail Care

Don't Forget to Lotion Your Nails Too!

Before you get too lost in caring for your hair and skin, remember that your nails need some TLC as well. The drastic temperature changes during your day can take a significant toll on your nails. The good news is that they're highly resilient, but they'll have to be moisturized if you want to bring them back from the dead. Ingesting more protein will help you moisturize from the inside out, and try and rub lotion onto your nails at several points throughout the day.


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