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February 23, 2014 at 10:44 AMComments: 5 Faves: 2

8 Reasons To Pick Up Coconut Oil Today

By Breana Ostrander More Blogs by This Author

In my recent endeavors to go all natural, no shampoo, and all that crunchy granola hippie stuff, I began looking for a way to deep condition my hair sans chemicals. After sifting through way too many obviously homemade websites (one of the only homemade things I’m truly against) I found a savior – for my hair, I mean. Coconut oil. This nutritious oil isn’t just for cooking – it’s so much more.

1. Moisturize those baby blues.

Beautiful browns, heavenly hazels, glorious greens – whatever you’ve got, you want people to be looking into your eyes, and not at the circles around them. Coconut oil is what you need. Packed with vitamin E, coconut oil will de-puff and un-darken the damage your late nights have done to the skin around your eyes. There are several recipes floating around out there online, some of which suggest adding more vitamin E. If you’re willing to go to the extra trouble then go for it, but honestly, plain ol’ coconut oil will more than do the job.

2. Who am I kidding? It’s an amazing skin cream all over!

The moisturizing capabilities of coconut oil know no bounds. Slather it on rough elbows and knees, use it as a softening shaving soap, or apply it to your neck before bed. Your skin will thank you by glowing all week long. I would suggest taking a hot shower at night and applying the oil to your driest skin before bed.

3. Deep condition down those frizzles.

Do you remember Ms. Frizzle? Magic School Bus anyone? Remember her hair? Well, if only someone had told her about coconut oil, then the name would have no longer fit the hair. Coconut oil tames down the fly-away hairs and smooths out the rough patches in your hair. Split ends? This is just the fix. Again, there are several recipes to be found online, and even expensive products that include coconut oil as a main ingredient, but once again coconut oil alone will more than suffice. Heat up 3-5 tablespoons in the microwave and apply it to your dry hair before bed. Cover your hair with a shower cap or even a plastic bag (shameless recycling tip) and let it be all night long. Shampoo it or rinse in the morning and you’ll be well on your way to taming the mane. Not only will you see silkier locks, but they’ll be longer too! Coconut oil is a great growing aid. You can even smooth it onto your eyebrows or eyelashes if you find one of them to be lacking in length.

4. Exfoliation is key.

So much bad skin can be cured by a little exfoliation and, once again, its coconut oil to the rescue. Mix a little with sugar or salt; add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil, and bam! A simple exfoliator. Make a little and gently use it on your lips, or make a lot and rub down those legs after a long run. It even helps with pesky little things like spider veins and cellulite! I can’t make this stuff up.

5. It’s good for your teeth!

Not only can you find several recipes that use coconut oil as a main ingredient in all natural tooth whitening, but it also kills tons of nasty bacteria and viruses that can live in your mouth. Some techniques, such as oil pulling, are as simple as putting a few teaspoons in your mouth and pushing and pulling it through your teeth for 10-20 minutes. This whitens teeth, lessens the chances of gingivitis, and kills the bacteria Streptococcus Mutans – the main culprit behind tooth decay and plaque build up.

6. Use it as a dairy substitute.

Vegans rejoice when using coconut oil instead of butter! First of all, it has a higher burning point (76 degrees) than other oils, which allows it to be both a liquid oil and a solid fat. Second, it’s a straight substitution – one cup for one cup – and can replace margarine, butter, or Crisco in most recipes. Finally, it’s a great substitute because it burns stomach fat! Since it’s a medium chain fatty acid, it heads straight to the liver and produces only energy – no fat!

7. It helps with diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 is known to be a diet and lifestyle issue – and so coconut oil to the rescue! Not only does coconut oil not make insulin spike, but it’s also been known to aid in lowering it once it does make that spike.

8. Poison ivy or sumac relief.

Have you ever been outside and you brush up against some plant, then double back and realize that its poison ivy? Well, if this ever happens worry no more because once again it’s coconut oil to the rescue! After an outbreak occurs, simply smooth coconut oil over the rash several times a day and the break out should clear up. Or, to be more vulgar and accurate, all of the pus should ooze out. It sounds gross, but it feels great, and for that I will not apologize.

I’ve hit only nine excellent uses for coconut oil. However, I encourage you to peruse the links below, as they hold a plethora of information and other uses that I only skimmed the surface on. I bought my first jar of coconut oil at a grocery store for $7.49 and never looked back. Try one all natural remedy and I promise you’ll be hooked. My final word of advice: buy organic. Anything you’re putting in your hair, all over your skin, or in your body for all natural purposes needs to be organic or else you run the risk of introducing new toxins. And anyways, if it’s not organic, what’s the point?


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  • Great as a facial cleanser as well. I whip coconut oil with some lavender essential oil and use this to cleanse off my make up… great even on the eye makeup. :-)

  • PS…. I am 72 years young!

  • Coconut oil is the best haircare product that keeps your hair healthy and glowing all the time.It is good for the scalp as well.

  • Great info, thanks!

  • Natural is the way to go.

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