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October 26, 2011 at 8:00 AMComments: 6 Faves: 0

B.O. is a GOOD Thing With the New Perfume Pill

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A new product, currently in development, promises to make smelling like B.O. a GOOD thing.

Working with our natural metabolism, synthetic biologist, Sheref Mansy  says "Swallowable Parfum" will use our skin as an atomiser, releasing fragrant molecules with our own perspiration. Like a “biologically enhanced second skin synthesized directly from the natural processes of the body,” she explains.

Okay, I know what you’re all thinking –

this thing is going to go gangbusters! Who WOULDN’T rather swallow their perfume than go through the time and effort to actually spray it on?!

....But, oh no! Won’t I just smell like everyone else then? ;)

Not to fear.

As we are all genetically unique, the creators say "Swalloable Parfum"will create a slightly different scent for us all.

If you’re counting the days till you can finally swallow your perfume, you may also be interested in two other pills currently in production: an ingestible SPF pill to replace suncreen and a tablet designed by L’Oreal to counteract gray hair!

(Yep, there really WILL be a pill for everything.)


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  • A pill for everything! It just doesn't seem like it could possibly be healthy.

  • I agree Erin. I mean sweating is a natural thing our bodies do to release heat and turning the smell of our sweat into a different doesn't seem like chemically that would be a good thing for our bodies. But then again, is spraying a perfume full of chemicals on us a good thing either? My question would be what's the one with the least harm to our bodies? Possibly the one that's topical and not internal.

  • Good point, Bri!

    I guess it really depends on the perfume and what the pill actually contains. Most commercial perfumes are full of nasty chemicals - my favorite "Pink" by Victoria's Secret included. :/

    And there are food that can give us a scent - garlic as an example. I don't know of any foods that we could eat and smell good from, but I suppose it's possible that there are natural substances I don't know about that could do it in a pill form.

    Really though, I think if you want a scent, is too choose a naturally good one. Essential oils are a great option. They make you smell good and many have unique aroma-therapeutic properties.

  • I wonder what the side effect would be.

  • Yeah, it said it would mix differently with each person's own natural scent - what if something went terribly wrong and you ended up smelling like skunk?

  • Oh no, that would be terrible! You never know though since everyone's chemical makeup is different. Someone could end up smelling like that!

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