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August Beauty Review

By Claire Franklin More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Looking Good Blog Series

Aristotle once said, “Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference.” Whether or not he intended it this way, I take Aristotle’s quote to mean we should always put forward our best faces. But women must first find the correct beauty products because an arresting combination of stress and environmental toxins takes its toll on the skin. A strict skin care regimen is therefore required.

I’ve written quite a bit about facial cleansers and lotions because I’ve tried so many. Some have been great and some have been disappointing. So, I am pleased to tell you about a new line of products I discovered by sheer accident – Simple. This company’s tagline is “Sensitive skin experts.” I have sensitive skin, and I feel like I have finally found a product line that doesn’t clog my pores, cause breakouts, contribute to redness, or leave me feeling stiff and dry.

REVIEW:  Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub

Gentle, but effective. Clean smell, and natural ingredients plus vitamins B5 and E. Well worth the $9 it cost me!

I purchased the Smoothing Facial Scrub because in warm weather I need something that exfoliates dead, dry skin from my face. This product is gentle but effective. My face feels soft and smooth instead of dry and tight after I use it. The smell is clean and pleasant, and the minimal ingredient list leads me to believe I am at last putting something healthy on my skin. The first listed ingredient is water, followed by mineral oil, rice powder and vegetable oil. It also contains vitamins B5 and E to improve skin condition and restore softness. If these benefits weren’t enough, this product costs less than 9 dollars and will last at least one month. You can find Simple at most major retail and drug stores. If you have dry, sensitive skin and need a calming cleanser, I highly recommend the Facial Scrub.

REVIEW:  Simple Hydrating Light Moisturizer

Vitamin B5 and E plus glycerin and borage seed oil for extra nourishing hydration. Can even be worn under makeup!

I also purchased the Hydrating Light Moisturizer, which is exactly what it claims to be: a light cream that can be applied to the face at any time. It smoothes evenly into skin and can be worn under makeup. Like the Facial Scrub, this lotion contains vitamins B5 and E; it also contains glycerin and borage seed oil to hydrate and nourish. This lotion is perfect for summer, when the warm weather doesn’t require heavy moisturizing. During the winter months I will probably opt for something with more substance, such as the Simple Vital Vitamin Day Cream. But the point is that Simple offers quality products at affordable prices. They are targeted to people with sensitive skin, and since using them the health of my skin feels like it’s improved.

REVIEW:  Avon Clearskin Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment

Zaps zits quickly and effectively. My pimple was gone in 48 hours. Can be a little drying, so use sparingly.

Another product that took me by surprise was from Avon’s Clearskin line. I’m talking about the Clear Emergency Instant Spot Treatment, intended for bothersome pimples that suddenly sprout from nowhere. Almost everyone gets the occasional breakout, and the Spot Treatment zaps zits quickly and effectively. The treatment comes in a thin, narrow tube and can be applied to the affected area one to three times daily. I applied it to a pimple on my cheek and woke the next morning to discover it was almost healed. The spot was completely cleared within 48 hours. The only negative aspect of this product is its drying effect, which is a result of the salicylic acid. But that’s a small price to pay for clear skin, especially if you have an event to attend or feel self-conscious because of a prominent zit. Expect to pay around 5 dollars for a .5-ounce tube.

REVIEW:  Ulta Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball

My new favorite lip product! Long-lasting, weightless color that doesn't smudge, fade, or cause chapping. Costly, but a treat worth the splurge.

Finally, for women who want to splurge, I stumbled upon a lipstick from Ulta Beauty called Lipstick Queen Butterfly Ball – Shimmer Treatment Lipstick. This is my new favorite lip product. It is weightless and beautiful at once, with color that lasts up to four or five hours without any drying effects. I purchased this in Goodbye, which looks black but is actually a soft, natural hue that makes my skin look tan and my teeth gleaming white. This lipstick does not smudge, fade or cause chapping. The color is elegant and soft – perfect for work and play – and can be worn alone or with gloss. You’ll pay around 20 dollars for a tube, but the price is minimal compared to all of the costly mistakes I’ve previously made on lipgloss and lipstick. This is a rare treat for women who want the perfect lip shade.

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