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4 Great Ideas For Wedding Gifts — an article on the Smart Living Network
December 8, 2019 at 6:47 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

4 Great Ideas For Wedding Gifts


A wedding gift can be anything from kitchenware, home dcor or even appliances. What you choose to buy for the bride and groom tends to depend on your relationship to the couple and your budget.

In general, the closer you are to them, the more thoughtful your choice will be. Here are four of the best gifts that you can give to the newlyweds.

Hotel room or honeymoon trip

A hotel room certificate or a trip for two to a tourist destination are great gifts. This will give them the chance to spend their first few days together as a married couple in style. It can be a trip to an exotic country or if budget does not permit, any local destination will suffice.

If you plan to give this type of gift, it would be best that you let the couple or those closest to them know about it in advance so they can already include it in the wedding plan. This way, the couple does not have to look for a honeymoon destination or save money for it.


For a couple just starting to build a family, money is a highly-appreciated gift. A young couple would truly appreciate a financial gift that can lessen their financial burden in buying a house, or a car, or paying back all the expenses made during the wedding. It must be remembered that it is not rude to give cash as a gift to a newly-wed couple. The amount can be spent for things needed in building their new home together. By and large, the money would probably be most appreciated when it is given in advance, before the wedding date.

Personalized gift

If you are looking to find a wedding gift that can stand the test of time, something personalized is a sensible option.

If you put a touch of individuality or character into your gift so that the bride and groom will remember you as the giver even after many years have passed. A great idea may be to give them a bottle of scotch and place a note, instructing them to open it up on their 10th anniversary.

A budget option is to place their wedding invitation inside a personalized frame so they display it anywhere in their home. This way, it would be treasured and always remembered by the couple.


Few people would say no to a scrapbook of their wedding. You can even include photos of when they first met and the resulting relationship.

This is undoubtedly a thoughtful and memorable gift that the married couple would be able to look back on with fond memories in the years to come.

Wedding gifts need not be expensive provided they are given straight from the heart and they mean something to the bride and groom. After all, it's the thought that counts.

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