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Autism Spectrum

This group is for discussion that encompasses the Autism Spectrum: Asperger's Syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder-not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), Autism, Rett's syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder. We encourage all those affected by Autism, in one form or another, to share your experience.

Autism: Know the Signs

In America, it is estimated that for every 100 babies born, 1 will be born different. At first, this baby will appear like all the… Read More ▶

[The Well Mind] The Great Autism Debate - Epidemic or Detection Boom?

What is the cause for the leap in autism rates? Are we being poisoned by our environment? Is our monitor screen culture robbing us of… Read More ▶

New Findings in Reducing Autism Risk

Recently, an association between folate supplementation and autism was discovered that offers hope in countering the increasing trend of this condition. Read More ▶

When Autism is Running the House

Autism changes the lives of everyone around it. Parents might learn that a child has the disorder as early as infancy, and from that moment… Read More ▶

Asperger's and ADHD: What's the Difference?

What 's the difference between Asperger 's and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD ? Read More ▶

Autism: Early Diagnosis for Early Treatment

A new study suggests experts can detect social attention deficits in infants as young as six months old who later develop autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Read More ▶

Bullies Often Target Children With Autism

Bullying has been a long-existing problem that society has not found a concrete solution to. It has recently been discovered that bullies often target those… Read More ▶

Asperger's and Autism: Is There a Difference?

Many people fail to recognize the differences between Asperger's Syndrome and autism. Read More ▶

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