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Smart Living Apps


Personality Quiz
Which of the sixteen personality types are you? Are you INTJ — The Strategist? Maybe you're ESTP — The Adventurer… or perhaps ESFJ — The Supporter?

Coronary Heart Disease Risk Assessment
How well are you and your heart? Find out if you have any risk factors for Coronary Heart Disease.

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment
One of the most widely-known cancers is breast cancer. Find out your risk level and unlock Smarty's pink ribbon accessory.

ADHD Self-Assessment
Check out our assessment written by Dr. Chamberlain for an easy way to monitor treatment progress. Brought to you in part by Synaptol™.

Prostate Cancer Risk Assessment
Men — here's a self-assessment specially designed for you. Find out now if you're at risk for prostate cancer.

Diabetes Risk Assessment
Diabetes is quickly becoming one of the most widespread illnesses on the planet. Check now to see if you're especially at-risk.

Stroke Risk Assessment
Acting fast after a stroke is the key to the best possible outcome. Are you or a loved one at risk? Find out and unlock a stroke awareness ribbon for your Smarty.

Colon Cancer Risk Assessment
Colon Cancer is one the most treatable forms of cancer if caught early. Find out if you're at risk today.

Osteoporosis Risk Assessment
Strong bones are vital to a healthy life. Check out your risk factors for Osteoporosis with our free assessment.

Fun & Games & Interactive Guides

Smarty's Memory Flipper
Flip tiles to boost your memory skills in Smarty's newest game. Improve memory speed, amount to memorize, and your flexibility all at once!

Pet-Themed Games
Pair up matching photos, rearrange tiles, or print-and-play activity sheets. Brought to you in part by our pet-loving friends at VETiONX®.

Find the perfect dog treats for your fur-ever friend! Filter by dietary needs (e.g. grain-free) or lifestyle choices (e.g. non-GMO) to fine-tune your results.

Smarty to the Rescue
It's Smarty's chance to save the day in this epic maze adventure. Rescue his girlfriend Smartilda, while solving the maze, opening doors, and re-filling his piggy bank.

Interactive Workout Guide
A healthy lifestyle includes staying active. See what exercises you can do for each section of your body. Our app has lists of excercises for each region.


BMI Calculator
Featuring tips from Cornelius Bounds, CPT, try our calculator to find out your body mass index — plus advice on reaching your perfect weight/height ratio.

Calorie Calculator
Do you have trouble keeping track of how many calories you should be eating? Type in your stats and we'll tell you your Basal Metabolic Rate and daily caloric budget.

Pet Age Converter
Convert dog or cat years to human years and learn what feats have been accomplished at that age — now with pet care tips from dog trainer Victoria Swanson.

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