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Anxiety has both psychological and physiological impacts. Being a member of this community can help you learn more about coping skills, treatments, and other members' insights on reducing those feelings and reactions.

Dr. Jeff's Simple Breathing Meditation for Anxiety

From a medical stand point, using meditation is one of the best ways to combat stress anxiety and panic attacks. Here 's how it works… Read More ▶

What is Social Anxiety?

The third largest psychological problem in the United States affecting 15 million Americans social anxiety or social phobia is a persistent irrational fear of social… Read More ▶

Computerized Therapy to Help Those with Major Anxiety Disorders

Exploring the efficacy of computerized therapy on major anxiety disorders. Read More ▶

Natural and Prescription Anxiety Treatments - Doctor Review

No one should have to face the problem alone or just accept that anxiety is just something they will always need to deal with.Here are… Read More ▶

[Mental Marvels] The 5 Most Common Phobias

Last week I wrote an article about Nomophobia. I thoroughly enjoyed writing that blog entry and I thought I would address a related topic, but… Read More ▶

6 Common Myths Surrounding OCD

Exposing the falsehoods that often accompany OCD, allowing you to better understand the disorder (and correct those around you who are misinformed!) Read More ▶

Writer's Block

I've been gone from the blogging scene for the past 4 months, and, though I'm really excited to be returning, the idea of a grand… Read More ▶

The 5 Different Types of OCD

OCD is not simply a single group of symptoms, but an anxiety disorder that can take a number of different forms. This article will explore… Read More ▶

Anxiety Group Wall

    Hello, My name is Paul and am new to this group. I'm hoping to gain some insight on how I can help treat my severe anxiety I've had my whole life in other ways aside from taking my meds. Thank you7/18
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